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MCCC Welcomes Five High Schools for Business Competition
Robbinsville High School Selected for National Competition


West Windsor, N.J. – On January 15, Mercer County Community College’s Center for Simulated Business Services (CSBS) welcomed five high school business practice firms from around the state to participate in the Regional Oral Business Plan Competition. The event was held at the Conference Center on the college’s West Windsor campus.

According to Mercer’s CSBS director, Associate Professor Kristen Callahan, the goal was to judge each school’s business plan and presentation to determine if any of the firms would advance to the National Business Plan Competition, scheduled to take place in New York City on April 9.

According to Callahan, each firm submitted a 20-page written business plan for review prior to the competition.  During the event, the high school students delivered 8-12 minute presentations in front of four MCCC faculty judges: Ken Horowitz, associate professor of Accounting; Deb Tolboom, associate professor of Funeral Services; Eva Csige, assistant professor of Economics and Business; and Dr. Jacqueline Sanders, MCCC’s former dean of Business and Technology. The judges listened and evaluated each presentation, asking questions specifically related to each firm’s oral presentation and/or written plan.

Callahan reports that the CSBS programs from two schools were given the thumbs-up to move on to the National Business Plan Competition: Robbinsville High School’s Build Your Own Craving (CSBS) and Morris Knolls High School’s Lickity Splits.

Observes Callahan, “Participation in the National Business Plan Competition is an exciting educational experience in which high schoolers utilize academic skills, business knowledge and public speaking to ‘sell’ a business concept and secure funding for a start-up or business expansion, or to report to a board of directors and/or their customers. It’s a chance for them to apply their classroom learning in a live setting in front judges and an audience of their peers.”

The presentation from Robbinsville High School
impressed the MCCC judges.

More goodies from Robbinsville High School's
"Build Your Own Craving" practice firm.

Callahan adds that the event was an example of Mercer’s focus on aligning high school and college curriculum by providing feedback that will benefit students as they pursue college and career goals. “We are helping these students apply knowledge and skills that area usually seen at the college and professional levels,” she said.

The National Business Plan Competition on April 9 is part of Youth Business Summit Week in New York. Top-ranked teams from across the country will compete for prizes and scholarships. Currently, there are seventy-five high schools across six states in the CSBS network.

Mercer's CSBS's is celebrating its 15th annivesary. 7For more information, click on the center's website here or contact Director  Kristen Callahan at callahak@mcc.edu or 609-570-3216.

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