Anthology for Cat Lovers Features Story by
MCCC Faculty Member Ed Carmien


"I Am King!" by MCCC faculty member Edward Carmien is one of 17 original stories included in the new anthology, Catopolis, which celebrates the mysterious world of cats. The book is published by DAW Books, a subsidiary of the Penguin Group.

An associate professor of English and author of many stories in the fantasy genre, Carmien turns to a new page of fantasy fiction with "I Am King!" This gripping tale chronicles a feral cat's battle for survival against all manner of foe - a predatory bird, a dominant alley cat, an endless horde of rats. With names like One-Eye, Bit-Ear, and Twitch, Carmien's cats bravely face a harsh world far from the realm of pampered purebreds. But there are friends too -- a female that explains the rules of the alley and a wise, mysterious giant that steps in at a fateful moment. And, thankfully, there are kinder places beyond the alley that offer a brighter future.

Cat Man Ed Carmien

Carmien was inspired to focus on the lives of cats after he and his family took in two tabbies from a local shelter. "Watching the two cats fight, playfully yet fiercely and with total devotion to their cause, sparked the idea behind this story," Carmien said.

Carmien joined the MCCC faculty in 2005, where he teaches courses in English and science fiction. He received his doctorate degree from Bowling Green State University.

Catopolis is edited by Martin H. Greenberg and Janet Deaver-Pack and is a sequel to Furry Fantastic. The 320-page paperback will be available in December, 2008. For ordering information, visit the Penguin Group here.

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