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MCCC Blood Drive with Fulton Bank Of New Jersey
Nets 48 Donations


West Windsor, N.J. – Motivated by the continuing need for blood donations in the state, Mercer County Community College and Fulton Bank of New Jersey teamed up to host an American Red Cross Blood Drive on Jan. 30 at MCCC’s West Windsor Campus Student Center.

According to John Simone, MCCC assistant dean for student services, 48 donors participated during  the five-hour event, a collection that will provide for 114 hospital patients.

Noted Red Cross team leader Michelle Malatesta, “There is always a need for blood donors and certain times of the year are critical. We are very appreciative of the college’s and the bank’s efforts.”

In addition to staff members from MCCC and Fulton Bank of New Jersey, students also came out in support of the event. Athletic Trainer Lisa Camillone, herself a donor, encouraged student athletes to give. Seven athletes added to the total.
“It’s great to know that I have been able to help someone in need.  It really makes you feel like you have done something worthwhile,” Camillone said.  “As I told the students, in just 30 minutes of your time, you have helped many people."

Said Tim Losch, regional president for Fulton Bank, “It was so heart-warming to see the overwhelming response from the MCCC family.  We at Fulton Bank of New Jersey were pleased to partner with the college and the Red Cross to assist in replenishing critical blood supplies. Thank you to all who participated.”










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Pictured at the Blood Drive are, from left, Red Cross team leader Michelle Malatesta, Fulton Bank of New Jersey's Regional Manager/Vice President Darlene Pinto, Fulton Bank Regional President Tim Losch and MCCC President Patricia C. Donohue.
An activities room in the MCCC Student Center became a donation center for the day.
Fulton Bank of New Jersey representatives Cathy Holsten, left, and Heidi Accola greeted visitors.