Alumni Invited to Use New Online Assessment Tool
Available through Career Services


MCCC's Office of Career Services invites MCCC alumni to log onto Focus 2, a new online assessment tool for educational and career planning . According to staff member Gail LaFrance, Focus 2 replaces the college's former system, Sigi. "We thought it was time to try something new. It's a very comprehensive software program for career and educational planning," says LaFrance. "We think it's terrific."

According to LaFrance, once individuals log onto Focus 2, they are asked to complete assessments in a variety of areas including personality traits, work interests, values and more. The system then uses their responses to compile a list of appropriate careers. It also provides salary information, job prospects, and additional educational requirements. Printed reports are available at the click of the mouse.

"Our goal is to help people make meaningful and logical decisions about their careers and futures based on their interests and strengths," she explains.

Noting its descriptions of 1200 different jobs, LaFrance says, "Focus 2 has just about every job you can think of." Making it even more beneficial and practical, the program has been customized for Mercer, with career fields linked to academic programs offered by the college. It also supplies links to national professional organizations for a variety of fields.

Those wishing to log onto Focus 2 must first email for the access code.

A second online program, New Jersey Career Assistance Navigation (NJCAN), is also available on the MCCC website for anyone who lives in New Jersey or works at an educational institution. LaFrance says the emphasis with NJCAN is its database, which includes the latest national, New Jersey, and local labor market data and projections, as well as information on post-secondary schools and financial aid. There is also a video component. More information is available here. (Select "Click and login to NJCAN" on left; then use option 2 that requires hometown, zip code and area code information.)

"Our goal is to help people make meaningful and logical decisions about their careers and their futures. We encourage alumni to get in touch." LaFrance says.

Learn more about MCCC Career Services here.

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