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MCCC History Faculty Member Sue Kozel Publishes Book on Quakers and Their Abolitionist Allies


West Windsor, N.J. – Sue Kozel, Senior Adjunct Professor in History at Mercer County Community College (MCCC), has published her first book, with co-editor Maurice Jackson (Georgetown University).  Entitled Quakers and their Allies in the Abolitionist Cause, 1754-1808 (Routledge Press), the volume explores the significant connections between the Quaker community and the abolitionist cause in America, focusing on Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware.

The case studies that make up the collection mainly focus on the greater Philadelphia area, a hotbed of the abolitionist movement and the location of the first American abolition society founded in 1775. Despite the importance of Quakers to the abolitionist movement, their significance has been largely overlooked in the existing historical research. Five chapters of the book are dedicated to activities in New Jersey; one that is written by Kozel focuses on Quaker Richard Waln. 

Susan Kozel is the co-editor of a new book that examines the role of Quakers in the American abolitionist movement.

Routledge (Taylor and Francis) published an interview with Kozel where she connects the origins of Quaker abolitionist traditions with social justice movements of the 20th and 21st centuries. Read it here.

Kozel has been teaching at MCCC since January 2007, along with several other New Jersey colleges.  Among the MCCC courses she has taught are American History, New Jersey History, History of American Popular Culture and History of American Women.

Kozel earned master’s degrees in History from New York University and in Labor Relations from Rutgers University. Her bachelor’s degree in History/Labor Studies is from Rutgers.  Her primary areas of research include New Jersey Quakers, enslavement, and abolition movements.  In addition to conferences in the United States, Kozel has been a featured speaker at national and international history conferences including ones in greater London and Paris.
This collection will be of particular interest to scholars of slavery and abolition, religious history, Atlantic studies, and American social and political history.  Released in Europe in July, the book will be available in the United States in September.

Routledge is the world's leading academic publisher in the Humanities and Social Sciences, publishing thousands of books and journals each year. To learn more about the book or for ordering information, visit www.routledge.com or click here.

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