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State Trooper Regina Potter Describes Career in
Non-Traditional Field


West Windsor, N.J. – MCCC celebrated National Women in Sports Day with an truly inspiring speaker on Feb. 4.  New Jersey State Trooper Regina Potter addressed a group of MCCC students and staff about her career trajectory in a field that is largely dominated by men.
Potter says that it’s all about getting the credentials you need to be successful, noting that she prepared well academically for the State Police, earning her bachelor’s degree in Biology, with a minor in Chemistry, and a master’s degree in Forensics Science.

Then came Potter’s training at the Police Academy, for which she prepared by working out regularly in the gym. “The physical and mental challenges of the academy were intense,” she said, adding that she was expected to perform at the same level as her male counterparts. "I did not get any special treatment because I was a woman."

Clearly, though, the struggle has been worth it.  “Every day is different.  It’s a non-traditional career for me as a woman, but I am treated fairly and I love what I do,” she said.

She encouraged MCCC’s students, particularly female students, to pursue their dreams.  “Don’t limit yourself based on pre-conceived ideas about career paths.  Get the preparation you need to be competitive in the field of your choice and then go for it!”

State Trooper Regina Potter, second from left, following her talk at Mercer. She is pictured with, from left, student Ahmi Okoro, MCCC Athletic Training Lisa Camillone and student Ashanti Sweat.

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