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PTA Bake Sales Establish Helping Tradition
That Will Continue in Future Careers


West Windsor, N.J. – It was a sweet time all around as the Physical Therapist Assistant Club hosted a bake sale in the Student Center on February 18, a tradition begun years ago as a way for club members to raise funds for worthy causes at the college and in the community. Approximately 20 students are active in the club.

According to Club Advisor Holly Beinert, PT, MPT, club members collectively decide on the uses for the funds. Monies raised from this week's sale will be donated to the International Association for Food Protein Enterocolitis, a foundation created by an MCCC student that supports research into a rare, but severe, food allergy that affects his son. (More about the organization is available here.)

Other recent donations have gone to a PTA program scholarship and to a student who had a house fire.

PTA Club members include, left to right, Jackie Davis, Amy Mount, Steve Gunnells and Kathy DeMarco.

Bake sale participants Jackie Davis, Amy Mount, Steve Gunnells and Kathy DeMarco say they are glad to have the opportunity to assist those in need through their club's fundraising efforts. With their sights set on graduating in May, all four are clearly looking forward to continuing in the helping tradition they have established at Mercer as they embark on their future careers as physical therapist assistants.

PTA Program Coordinator Barbara Behrens, PTA, MS, reports that job prospects for grads of the program are excellent, with MCCC students often having multiple offers from which to choose.

More information about MCCC's PTA program is available here.

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