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Embracing the World at MCCC Cultural Fashion Show


West Windsor, N.J. – What reflects a culture better than its most ceremonial or iconic clothing?  The Mercer County Community College (MCCC) International Student Organization (ISO) hosted a Cultural Fashion Show on April 8 to share fashions from around the world with MCCC students. 

Thirteen models walked the runway in the West Windsor campus cafeteria, accompanied by music from their native lands and informative narratives about their outfits.  The youngest model was Maya Stoyanova, the 9-year-old daughter of Eugenia Stoyanova, an MCCC staff member. The Master of Ceremonies for the event was returning alumnus Brandon Bongart, who is currently attending Rider University.

International student Kin-Yan Mac of Taiwan, who serves as ISO president, said the group was motivated by a desire to highlight the different cultures on campus.  “The United States is an international country.  It’s good to remind students about the diverse cultures and languages right here at our college.”

The cultures represented included Bulgaria, China, Ghana, Haiti, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, Taiwan, Puerto Rico, South Korea, Thailand and the United States.

In her closing remarks, Mac thanked everyone who attended the show, as well as ISO advisor Alice Chung. She noted that some club members were hesitant about walking the runway when the group first discussed the project, but gradually got enthused as more and more students decided to take part. And, they found a supportive audience among their fellow students, who cheered and applauded them during their moment in the spotlight. 

Among the show's surprises were Jungyu Lim of South Korea performing several martial arts moves and Obadiah Moore's spirited dance to a Ghanaian beat.

Students enjoyed a buffet lunch following the show.

More photos are available on Facebook here. Read more about MCCC clubs and organizations here.







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ISO President  Kin-Yan Mac (Taiwan) addresses the crowd. Other models are, front row from left, Harji Da (Myanmar), Maya Stoyanova (Bulgaria), Wanning Tan (China), and Carrie Krewson (China); back row from left, Obadiah Moore (Ghana); Seon Gyu Lim (Malaysia), Astride Josil (Haiti), Jungyu Lim (South Korea), Joel DeVerteuil (Thailand), Giuseppina DiMeglio (Japan), Julie Cortes (USA) and Kimberly Arroyo (Puerto Rico).
Carrie Crewson, left, and Wanning Tan model clothing from China.
An appreciative crowd greets Astride Josil, who represented Haiti.
Obadiah Moore entertained the audience with spirited dance moves from Ghana.