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MCCC Business Students Go Global at Dow Jones


West Windsor, N.J. -- This fall, Mercer County Community College (MCCC) Business Professor Laura Sosa took ten students enrolled in “Global Environment of Business,” an Honors course, on a field trip. Their destination was Wall Street in Lower Manhattan and the offices of the Dow Jones Corporation.

Just one hour from MCCC’s West Windsor Campus, students had an opportunity to learn about the workings of global business. They met with Dow Jones executives and heard about the company's latest global initiatives. They toured the operations of the Wall Street Journal (owned by Dow Jones) and met with Anna Sedgley, Dow Jones’ chief financial officer and a member of the MCCC Foundation Board.

"This trip was an amazing experience for our students,” said Professor Sosa, who was accompanied by Business faculty colleague Kristen Callahan. “It brought textbook theory to life and gave them a chance to see firsthand how a multinational corporation is run. The discussion also gave them food for thought in their career planning."

Student Jason Lima was clearly impressed. "We met top executives, learned about their corporate culture, and even got information about what they look for when they hire. It was a great experience," Lima said, adding that this single course has gone a long way to solidifying his decision to study business.

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Students met with top executives, including Dow Jones CFO Anna Sedgley, who serves on the MCCC Foundation Board.
The trip included a tour of corporate operations.