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Fine Arts Professor Yevgeniy Fiks
Gets Warm Reception at University of Kentucky


West Windsor, N.J. – MCCC Visual Arts Professor Yevgeniy Fiks traveled to the University of Kentucky (UK) earlier this month to present a lecture, along with fellow conceptual artist Vitaly Komar, both of whom emerged from the Soviet Union.

The program included presentations from each artist: Fiks’ "Magnitogorsk Tour of the National Gallery of Art" and Komar’s "Sale of American Souls."  The presentations were followed by a panel discussion and audience Q & A.

The UK website billed the presentations as "an event not be missed. This is a fantastic opportunity to hear these artists discuss their work, contemporary art both in the U.S. and Russia, and their future projects."

Fiks reports that the trip went very well. “The crowd was good -- a lot of Fine Arts and Russian studies students and faculty attended. The audience was most interested in the interweaving and interdependent nature of Soviet-American relations during the Cold War, which my work usually reveals. They were intrigued by how I bring forgotten historical facts into contemporary discourse.”

Fiks noted that he and Komar enjoyed UK hospitality, with a dinner hosted in their honor.

In addition to the lecture, Professor Fiks spent time at the university critiquing the works of students pursuing their MFAs.

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Yevgeniy Fiks recently lectured on his artwork at the University of Kentucky.