MCCC Education Students Inducted
Into International Honor Society


West Windsor, N.J. -- The 50,000-member Kappa Delta Pi (KDP) International Education Honor Society added eight new future teachers from Mercer County Community College Oct. 29. Education Professor Elizabeth DeGiorgio and MCCC chapter officers inducted these high-achieving students during a special ceremony that described the privileges and obligations of KDP membership. More than 60 MCCC students have joined the organization since it exapnded its membership to community colleges in 2004.

Professor DeGiorgio noted that KDP is the world's largest education association, representing educators in all subject areas. This diverse group shares a common purpose to promote excellence in the education profession by recognizing and advancing scholarship, leadership, and service. She noted that the organization offers scholarships and provides students with valuable networking opportunities.

After the formal ceremony, invited speaker John Simone, MCCC assistant dean for student services, shared some of the wisdom he has gleaned during several decades as a teacher and administrator. "While I have a passion to try different things, I have always found time to teach," he said. "My teaching philosophy is to pay attention, work hard, be patient, and do the right thing."

Great teachers, Simone noted, have a passion for their subject, the discipline to do the work, the continuing desire to develop professionally, the ability to see their students' potential, and to genuinely care.

"There's a big difference between great teachers and those who call themselves teachers," Simone said. "Students want hope and they want to trust you. If you care about them, they will remember you."

The day following the KDP induction, students were invited to a workshop presented by Peter Yeager of Educational Testing Service, who described the process and preparation for the PRAXIS exam, a mandatory certification test for teachers.


Inductees include, from left, Lindsey Tippett, Kaitlin Schwear, Julie Rebhorn, Veronica Lubrano, Adrienne Gibbons and Brian Holland (far right).. Not picutred: Grazyna Solak and Andrea Barratt. Students are pictured with, back row from left, Asst. Dean John Simone, Prof. Elizabeth DeGiorgio and Vice President Guy Generals.
MCCC's KDP officers: alumnus counselor John Kobiernicki, Vice President Jessica Coeffer, President Lisa DeMilio, and Secretary Cheryl Pocino. They are pictured with Education Professor Elizabeth DeGiorgio.

MCCC administrator John Simone shared
his experiences as a teacher and administrator.

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