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English Professor Ed Carmien Featured in Science Fiction Teaching Guide


West Windsor, N.J. – "SF 101: A Guide to Teaching and Studying Science Fiction," published in October, is a collection of academic essays by those with a passion for the fantasy and science fiction genre.  One of the featured essays has been contributed by Mercer County Community College (MCCC) Professor of English Ed Carmien, who teaches Fantasy Literature (ENG 256) at Mercer.

Dr. Carmien's piece, entitled “Teaching 101 Wiki,” presents hands-on pedagogy about using Wikipedia as a model for student research and presentations.  Carmien says the goal of the activity, illustrated through examples with his fantasy and science fiction literature students, is to build student awareness of the role of research in academic writing and the need to produce scholarly text that conforms to the expectations of the venue in which it will be published.

Carmien observes that “a good side effect of the activity is that once students create and add to Wikipedia pages, they are much less likely to rely on them as academic sources in their own writing.”

The collection, now available on Amazon, features 20 essays designed for teachers and students of science fiction. Each essay provides an introduction or primer for a particular area or issue related to science fiction.

Visit the link on Amazon here.

Professor of English Ed Carmien

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