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LinkedIn Holds Keys for a Successful Career


WEST WINDSOR – Asma Taqi says there is a very good reason that job seekers and professionals should be a part of the social networking site LinkedIn: Because in the very near future, resumes will go the way of the horse and buggy, eight-track tapes, and rotary phones.

"LinkedIn is more than a resume," Taqi said. "That resume stuff is going away in a few years."

Taqi, who holds degrees from Michigan State and Wayne State University, recently returned to college at Mercer to enhance her job skills and volunteered to share her knowledge of LinkedIn during a lunch-hour workshop Feb. 26 for students and interested faculty and staff. She considers herself a big fan of the social networking site that many have dubbed "Facebook for grown-ups," and has used it to land two jobs herself.


LinkedIn Session

Asma Taqi, right, offered a workshop on the use of the social networking site LinkedIn to students, faculty, and staff during a workshop session on Feb. 26.


Gail LaFrance, a career counselor at Mercer, says she uses LinkedIn on a regular basis when advising students, and finds it an invaluable asset for those already in career positions, as well as job seekers.

"It’s a great tool for those interested in jobs, or connecting with people in your field," LaFrance said. "It can also help you in keeping up with new developments in your profession."

Taqi noted that more than 100 million professionals are members of LinkedIn, and that 93 percent say they found employees on the site last year. Companies regularly post job openings on the site, and many accept LinkedIn profiles in lieu of a resume.

In addition to profile information, Taqi said LinkedIn makes it easy for the user to get recommendations from others in their network, join discussion groups, create connections, and expand professional connections. The site even has a free mobile app for job hunting on the go.

"This is the way we network," Taqi said. "This is like a business meeting, but it’s on LinkedIn."

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