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Fall 2021 Reopening

Student Guide: Academics and Student Life

Academic Calendar & Course Selection

The Fall 2021 academic calendar begins on September 7, 2021. Mercer faculty understand that students may have differing levels of comfort for being in person during their classes. We have developed four different course options that allow students to select their preferred modality.


The offerings in the course catalog are fully in-person courses (described as “Lecture” in the course catalog); hybrid courses (listed as Hybrid Campus/Online); fully online with scheduled class meeting times (listed as West Windsor Campus or James Kerney Campus Mercer Online Remote); and fully online with no class meetings (listed as Mercer Online Web Based Instruction). You can select the courses that are right for you, and you can also mix and match your course types.


Course registration is underway. Register as soon as possible to make sure you have the broadest course selection and scheduling that is convenient for you.


Determining Which Course Type Is Right for You

Since you have so many options for building your course schedule, please consider working with your student success coach to build the course schedule that’s right for you. As you look through the course catalog, consider the following elements and expectations of each course type:


  • Fully in-person courses (coded as Lecture in the course catalog) will meet on the campus that is indicated, in classrooms that are regularly cleaned and sanitized. At this time, all students, faculty and staff will be expected to wear masks, whether or not you have gotten your COVID-19 vaccine. You will be expected to attend all of your classes in person, arriving on time and staying for each class session. Your course syllabus will contain details about attendance requirements.
  • Hybrid courses (coded as Hybrid Campus/Online in the course catalog) will meet online and in person during the published class times. Faculty will livestream the class sessions and students will be able to log in from a remote location. At this time, all students, faculty and staff will be expected to wear masks, whether or not you have gotten your COVID-19 vaccine. You will be expected to attend all of your class sessions, arriving on time and staying until the end of class, whether you are attending remotely or in person. Your course syllabus will contain details about attendance requirements.
  • Courses that are fully online with scheduled class meeting times (coded as West Windsor Campus Remote or James Kerney Campus Remote in the course catalog) will meet online during published class times. All students will be required to be online for the duration of each class; absence from the online sessions will be marked as an absence in the course record. Your course syllabus will contain details about attendance requirements.
  • Courses that are fully online with no scheduled class meetings (coded as Mercer Online Web Based Instruction in the course catalog) will have all course materials and requirements available in Blackboard. Students will be required to complete all course assignments according to the published course syllabus. Your course syllabus will contain details about attendance requirements.


Note: Course modalities may be adjusted if the health situation in the state warrants it. All classes will be prepared to convert to a fully online modality if necessary.


Student Support Services

Student support services include mentoring, counseling, technology support, and grant funding to help you build and maintain an educational environment that allows you to thrive. If you need assistance, we are here for you.

Learn more here.


Student Success Coaches

Student Success coaches and advisors are available virtually throughout the summer as we prepare for the fall semester. These staff members are your guide to understanding the requirements of your degree program and registering for appropriate courses. They can meet with you virtually as you plan your fall course schedule. Learn more on the Student Success website.


Accessibility Resources

Students who require accommodations in the learning environment can register with the Center for Inclusion, Transition, and Accessibility to receive these services. To connect with this office, please visit the Center for Inclusion, Transition, and Accessibility’s website.


Testing Centers

MCCC has testing centers at the West Windsor and James Kerney campuses. Both centers plan to reopen for in-person testing (by appointment only) on Tuesday, September 7, 2021. The centers provide many different types of testing services for students and community members, including placement testing, academic tests, distance learning tests, and examinations for external agencies. They also provide an environment with minimal distraction for students with accommodations. In addition, multiple-choice tests given in the classroom can be brought to the testing centers for grading and score rosters provided. For additional information, please visit the Testing Centers website or contact


Learning Centers/Tutoring Services

MCCC offers free tutoring to enrolled students. All tutoring is currently online; physical learning centers will reopen Tuesday, September 7, 2021. Comprehensive online tutoring services will also continue with some tutors remaining remote. The West Windsor Learning Center, Writing Center, and JKC BAR Learning Center will function as tutoring hubs, where a coordinator will connect students with online tutoring via learning center computers or student devices. Science models, microscopes, etc., will be available to students via appointment at the Science Learning Center and the JKC BAR Learning Center. For additional information, please visit the Tutoring Services website or contact


Technology Availability and Support Services

For technology support, students and employees can log in to the self-service portal (MITTS) at or send an email to For in-person support, students can visit our support office at the one-stop-shop center during our normal business operational hours.  Additional information can be found on the Mercer Technology Services website.


The West Windsor Campus (WWC) and James Kerney Campus (JKC) Libraries


Library Hours

Beginning on Monday, August 23, 2021, the WWC library will be open Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., with most services available to those who come in or call; assistance in the WWC open computer lab may not be available.

From August 23 through August 27, the JKC library will be open from 9:00 a.m. to noon and 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  Beginning on August 30, the JKC library will be open 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

Beginning on Tuesday, September 7, all libraries will resume regular standard hours and provide full face-to-face services, as well as continued remote services.

Textbook Access

The textbook collection at both the JKC and WWC libraries will be accessible starting on August 23 during library open hours. Textbooks are for use in the library only.


Self-service photocopiers are available. Black and white copies are 10 cents per page and color copies are 20 cents per page.

Computer Labs

Computer Labs will be open. See the labs’ open hours here.

More about library Services can be found here

Athletics, Fitness, Swimming Pool

The athletic teams are participating in their fall seasons as outlined on the Athletics website. Our student athletes, coaches, and support staff will practice appropriate safety protocols, as determined by the CDC, the College and the Athletics Department.

Our community’s health and well-being are important. As local health conditions allow, every effort will be made to open up our recreational facilities. The Campus Recreation website lists the available facilities and the guidelines that govern the use of these facilities.

The Fitness Center and the pool will be open and available; please check the Campus Recreation website for open hours and guidelines.

Recreation facilities are re-opening with the following guidelines:
  • Masks must be worn on pool deck and in the facility, except while in the water.
  • One swimmer per lane. Lanes cannot be shared, unless by members of the same family.
  • Social distance must be maintained while on the pool deck and in the facility.
  • Only bathrooms in the foyer will be accessible. Face masks must be worn in the restrooms and social distancing must be practiced.  There will be a limit of three people in the restroom at a time.
  • Locker rooms are closed to the public. Swimmers must shower on the pool deck.
  • Visitors must enter and exit in a staggered fashion.
  • Foot coverings must be worn on pool deck and in restrooms.
  • Equipment including kickboards and pool noodles will be off limits at this time.
  • No floats, toys or equipment may be brought into the pool.
  • No equipment such as goggles, nose clips or swim caps can be shared with anyone.
  • No changing on the pool deck, other than removal of a cover top and shorts/pants over a bathing suit.
  • Members are asked to exit the facility as quickly as possible. No lingering on the pool deck or in the building, lobby or parking lot.
  • Swim times will be assigned. Members must register 3 hours prior to arrival and complete a pre-screening questionnaire. Reservations will be for a designated time slot, with earlier times being reserved for high-risk members.
  • Do not arrive early for your swim time to avoid congregating.
  • The pool deck can be used to place your bags, towels, etc. Keep belongings apart from others so that social distance can be maintained. Leave any valuables at home.


  • Group size will dictate social distancing mandates.
  • No spectators during initial reopening phase. Spectator information forthcoming in September.


Fitness Center
  • Community members must register on the Campus Recreation website for open hours and guidelines.
  • The Fitness Center will post maximum capacity use in accordance with the State of New Jersey guidelines.
  • At present, mask wearing is mandatory.
  • Social distancing (six feet) must be maintained.
  • Locker rooms are off limits. Updates will be announced mid-July.
  • Users are asked to wipe all equipment clean with sanitary cloths that are provided.


Student Organizations

Student clubs will be allowed to meet and resume their regular operations, as long as the college-wide health and safety guidelines are followed. At present, all students, faculty, and staff must wear masks indoors.


Community Education and Youth College

  • Upward Bound will return to in-person programming, following college protocols. Saturday sessions will begin in the fall.
  • Educational Talent Search will resume in-person programming at Trenton target schools in September. For more information, contact Ms. Tashell Walters at (609) 439-5114 or Mr. Stephen Bryant at (609) 439-5347. Students who come to the James Kerney Campus will follow the college’s safety policy protocols.
  • The VIP Program will return to in-person programming in the fall, following College protocols.


Workforce Innovation Programs

Staff are currently available to meet with prospective participants at the James Kerney Campus. Participants are expected to follow the college safety policy and protocols.  




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