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Liberal Arts

A Message From The Program Coordinator

Welcome to the study of Liberal Arts at Mercer, where we aim to give you practice in valuable, in-demand skills necessary for a successful life in a rapidly changing world. Based on the Latin word liberalis, or “free,” Liberal Arts study once meant “things only a free and well-off person had the leisure to learn”; knowing these things was often a way of perpetuating the social power of those with authority to speak, write, and make decisions. Today, however, Liberal Arts study is a way for all people to claim the freedom to think, know, respond creatively, and speak in the cause of personal and social justice. Liberal Arts training creates people who are well-rounded, interdisciplinary, resilient, global, articulate, ethical, and collaborative thinkers who can make life better not just for themselves, but for everyone.

Browse through our LA in the News links , and click on the Career and Transfer link above for more information on where you can go next with an LA.AA degree. If you’re looking for a 1-credit class to fulfill your 60-credit degree, check out our Spring 2021 LAS 201 Special Topics sections below! Your faculty advisors are ready to help in any way, and so am I. We wish you well as you begin an exciting journey of continual curiosity, questioning, and revelation,

Barbara Hamilton

Are you planning to graduate in ‘20-‘21? Will you need one more credit to get to 60? These Spring 2021 LAS 201 sections are for you!

Session A (January 20 th – March 8 th)

LAS 201-300: Online (asynchronous).  Graphic Novels in Social Issues. Join Prof. Homer to discuss historical and political issues important to the social sciences and humanities such as race, class, gender, and the prison pipeline via graphic novels and comic books.

Session B (March 10 th – May 3 rd)

LAS 201-310: Online (asynchronous). Death and Dying in the Social Sciences and Humanities.  How does our culture deal with death and dying? Find out with Dr. Ed Avery-Natale.

LAS 201-315: Remote (MW 10:30-11:30).  Examine modernist art and culture born out of the age of the Great War and consider how the fragmentation of the early 20 th century still reverberates today.


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