Sindy Sandoval-Vega Says ‘Everyone Is Willing to Help’ at Mercer


West Windsor, N.J. – Sindy Sandoval-Vega ’20 (A.A., Liberal Arts) has set her sights on a career in Public Health. After graduating from Princeton High School in 2018, she decided to spend her first two years studying Liberal Arts at Mercer County Community College (MCCC) to complete her general education prerequisites before transferring to a four-year college.

This fall she transferred to Rutgers University to pursue her degree in Public Health in earnest. She looks back on her time at MCCC with great satisfaction.

Sandoval-Vega maintains that she liked everything about Mercer. “The environment, the atmosphere, and mostly the support Mercer has given me have been great. I love the fact that everyone is willing to help if you seek help,” she said.

She recalls many people who supported her success – faculty, staff members and classmates. “They were all ready to lend a hand whether it was related to academics, advisement, financial aid or other issues,” she recalled.

The pandemic hit Sandoval-Vega’s family especially hard. She and her father were infected with Covid-19 just as she was preparing to take her finals in Spring 2020. Recalling this bleak time, she says that losing family members and not being able to support them in any way was heartbreaking and mentally exhausting. 

Still, Sandoval-Vega remained determined to finish what she started at Mercer. “I am proud of the fact that no matter what life would bring, I was able to pursue and finish my associate degree,” she said. 

Sandoval-Vega is especially thankful for the 101 Inc Scholarship she received from Princeton High School when she graduated. The scholarship was managed through the MCCC Foundation.

“The scholarship was amazing, helping me every step of the way to accomplish my goals. I was only able to finish my degree thanks to the scholarship. I truly appreciate the MCCC Foundation working with me during the hardest times.”

Sandoval-Vega wants other Mercer students to know that the support they may need is just an email away. “Reach out if you feel you’re stuck, because MCCC is full of bright and caring people ready to help,” she said. 


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Sindy Sandoval-Vega proved she could rise above life's challenges to earn her associate's degree.