September 11, 2006
Commemorative Ceremony at Mercer County Community College


On September 11, 2006, MCCC's Acting President Thomas N. Wilfrid and Mercer County Executive Brian Hughes addressed a gathering on the campus of Mercer County Community College. They remembered those who died on the same date five years ago.

Dr. Wilfrid said the attack on 9-11-01 is usually described as an attack on America. "But it was more than that. It was an attack on the civilized world. Most of those who died were Americans, but there were also 200 others from 36 countries." Wilfrid read the names of the 36 countries of origin of those killed.

"An open mind is a powerful weapon in the face of any threat," Hughes said. "Terrorists achieve their objectives by making people fear one another and divide themselves." He encouraged healing and supporting one another by creating an inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds and beliefs.

Hughes introduced Mercer County Freeholder Elizabeth Muoio, who told the story of her family on 9-11-01.

Reverend Robert Wittik gave the invocation, with "a prayer for our country and county." He said "save us from those who would pervert true freedom and justice, and from all those who serve the false gods of hatred, violence, murder and war." Music major Elizabeth Boyle ended the ceremony with a spirited "God Bless America."

Click here to read the remarks of Dr. Wilfrid, Brian Hughes, Rev. Wittik, and Mercer County Freeholder Elizabeth Muoio.

Students, staff, faculty and guests gathered for the ceremony on 9-11-06.
Acting President Thomas N. Wilfrid opened with moving remarks.
County Executive Brian Hughes delivered the keynote address. Dr. Wilfrid and County Executive Hughes placing a wreath on MCCC's Memorial Bench.
Faculty member James Kelly, music student Elizabeth Boyle, and Tom Wilfrid after the ceremony. From left, Dr. Thomas N. Wilfrid with MCCC Board of Trustees Treasurer Robert DiFalco, County Executive Brian Hughes, Foundation Board member Jim Faridy, Freeholder Elizabeth Muoio, and MCCC student Elizabeth Boyle.

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