MCCC Receives State Grant to Help Adults Returning to College


WEST WINDSOR, N.J. -- Mercer County Community College (MCCC) has received a $74,185 one-year grant from the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education to contact and re-engage previous students who left in good academic standing. The federally-funded grant seeks to increase the number of New Jersey students who complete college degrees or certificates.

MCCC has identified a pool of 2,000 students who will be contacted and provided with individual counseling in order to assist them in achieving their goals in higher education. Some students may be eligible for forgiveness of back tuition debt so they can re-start their education. Participants must have attended the college within 5-7 years and have earned 30 or more credits with a GPA of 2.75 or greater. Counselors will be advising students on how to make the best academic choices.

MCCC's Executive Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Diane Campbell said "We are pleased to be able to offer this service to students who began their education and, for a variety of reasons, did not complete their programs. The forgiveness of back tuition will be a big boost to many students who can now return to college without paying past debts, especially in this economy?"

In addition to hiring a new part-time staff member to facilitate the grant, MCCC plans to procure a vendor to update the contact information of former students.

Open Houses are being planned where counselors will explain the program to identified returning students and meet with individuals to assess their academic standing and eligibility for tuition remission.

Mercer is one of four colleges receiving funding from the New Jersey Commission on Higher Education for the "Disengaged Adults Returning to College" program. The grant is funded by a federal grant designed to create programs that can be self-sustaining.

For more information contact Latonya Ashford at or 609-570-3292.

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