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Corporate Training Takes on a New Role:
Introducing the Mercer Institute


West Windsor, NJ:  A new name and a new role better reflect the full range of custom training and development services offered by The Mercer Institute of Management & Technology Training, formerly the Center for Training and Development at Mercer County Community College (MCCC).

Mercer Institute (MI) has over 30 years’ experience designing and delivering customized training and development programs that help corporate and community organizations address a wide range of strategic challenges.  MI is now working in partnership with organizations, focusing on employee development and improving processes. Their business professionals design a plan, develop the required programs, and deliver customized training to employees at the client site or in the college’s first-class facility, The Conference Center at Mercer, located in West Windsor. 

MI trainers for these programs have real-world business experience and specialize in the areas of biotechnology/pharmaceuticals, government, service, healthcare, manufacturing and nonprofit.

According to Institute Director Elaine Weinberg, “A lot of companies are going through change right now. Some have no succession planning. For others there are challenges associated with changing technology. Whatever their reasons, companies turn to us for help. We provide training solutions and can help build and execute a 12-month program, plan and deliver a single training course, or provide one-on-one executive coaching with instructors who have the needed technical expertise in leadership, technology and communication.”

Some of the organizations served by the Mercer Institute over the past several years include ETS, Cenlar, Catholic Charities, Learning Ally and MedAvante.

In 2006, The McGraw-Hill Companies began a partnership with Mercer Institute to create a customized program to build the technology and leadership skills of  information management and human resources employees. "Nowhere has the commitment to developing talent at The McGraw-Hill Companies been more tangible than the inception of The McGraw-Hill Institute at Mercer County Community College,” said Maureen Marshall, human resources director. “Mercer offered excellent faculty who were knowledgeable and current with business and marketplace trends.”

The international company MedAvante has worked with Mercer Institute since 2007. “We've been able to provide substantial training opportunities for our staff as we have more than doubled in size in the US and opened offices in Moscow and Munich,” said Jeanne Davie, vice president of human resources. “Mercer Institute has been an incredible resource and advocate for MedAvante.”

The Mercer Institute is a one-contact source, Weinberg says. “Leveraging our consultative, flexible approach and our world-class facilities, Mercer Institute serves organizations across industries.  We listen carefully, we recommend thoughtfully and we deliver reliably.  We are unique in this region.”

More information is available at www.MercerInstitute.com.  The e-mail address is info@Mercerinstitute.com, or call 609-570-3280.

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