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Dinosaur Researcher to Present Local Findings at MCCC April 7


West Windsor, N.J. – Dr. William B. Gallagher of Rider University will shed light on dinosaur discoveries in New Jersey in his talk, “Dinosaurs in Your Backyard” at Mercer County Community College on Thursday, April 7, at noon in the Communication Building, Room 110, on the West Windsor campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road.  Free and open to the public, the talk is a part of Mercer’s Distinguished Lecture Series.

Long fascinated by Mesozoic-Era creatures that once roamed the earth, and intrigued by New Jersey’s rich fossil history, Dr. Gallagher has amassed a wealth of information during field studies close to home.

Dr. William B. Gallagher

Until his retirement in 2008, he served as the assistant curator of Natural History, Collections and Exhibits at the New Jersey State Museum’s Natural History Bureau. Now as an adjunct associate professor and Science and Technology Advanced Research Institute Fellow in Rider’s department of Geological, Environmental and Marine Sciences, he introduces students to various findings in his Mesozoic Ruling Reptiles course.  

His talk at MCCC will include discussion on the excavation of the first partial dinosaur skeleton found anywhere in the world in Haddonfield in 1858 and more recent dinosaur finds and research, including investigations examining their extinction 65 million years ago.

Gallagher earned his Ph.D. in geology from the University of Pennsylvania.  He has authored more than 70 scientific papers, articles, and abstracts, as well as the popular book, “When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey.”  His research interests include the paleoecological dynamics of mass extinction events, especially the mass extinction that involved the disappearance of the dinosaurs. He has taught at numerous colleges and has traveled the world during the course of his field studies on dinosaurs and other vertebrate species.

To learn more about upcoming lectures at Mercer County Community College, visit www.mccc.edu or call 609-570-3324.

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