Dean Diane Campbell Appointed to Trenton Board of Education


Trenton Mayor Douglas Palmer swears in MCCC Dean Diane Campbell, right, to the Trenton Board of Education while Campbell's daughter, Monifa Harrison, holds the Bible.

Dr. L. Diane Campbell, dean for Student and Academic Services at Mercer County Community College, has been appointed to serve on the Trenton Board of Education, Mayor Douglas H. Palmer announced on Nov. 2.

A lifelong resident of Trenton, Campbell has more than 30 years of experience in higher education. At Mercer she has served as dean and assistant dean in Student Services, The Virtual Campus, the Liberal Arts Division, and Student Development. Previously she was director of Career Services, Cooperative Education and Placement Services. Throughout her career she has taught psychology classes.

In her acceptance remarks Dr. Campbell said, "I propose a public information campaign and I am asking my friends of the clergy to help. It is simple to just give positive messages to any child that you meet. Ask them how they are doing in school, offer to get them help if they need it, tell them they deserve to do well because they are so smart, and let them know you and a lot of other people love them. If all of you will join me in doing this part, we can begin to lay the foundation for positive change in the education system of Trenton."

MCCC's Acting President Thomas N. Wilfrid said, “Like the members of the MCCC Board of Trustees, the unpaid members of a local school board of education share great responsibility for the quality and efficiency of the school system for which they are legally responsible. Dr. Campbell’s extensive professional experience at MCCC and her record of service to the Trenton community should serve her well in this important new role.”

Dr. Campbell is a member of the Commission on Higher Education and chairs the New Jersey Virtual Community College Consortium. She is president elect of the New Jersey Deans of Students and has been a member of many professional organizations. She earned her Ed.D. from Rutgers University, her M.Ed. from Trenton State College, and her B.S. from Morgan State University. She has been a featured speaker at numerous conferences and the author of several articles, and has received many awards for her community service work.