MCCC Hosts The Haunted Carnival "Integra Palooza"
About the Horrors of Cheating


On Oct. 25 Mercer County Community College hosted perhaps the most unusual event in its history – a Halloween-themed carnival focusing on academic integrity and the horrors of cheating.

White-clad angels brandished hammers of justice, red clad devils threatened with large hatchets, students put on shorts skits about the harsh punishments that cheaters will meet up with. Others dressed in costumes, such as the court jester with his sign reading “Only a fool would cheat,” and the donkey with the sign "You're an ass if you cheat." Rounding out the event were a “tattoo parlor,” games, and lots of free desserts, many baked by staff, faculty and students.

The creative idea for the event came from Kathy Paluscio, assistant professor of Communication. Students from her “Oral Interpretation,” class put on engaging entertainments with a serious underlying message.

Said Paluscio, “We developed the carnival as a fun event that nevertheless carried a serious message about the horrors of cheating. Each participating group stressed this theme. I didn’t want anybody to forget why we were there.” The carnival also promoted student engagement and faculty/student interactions outside the classroom.

Event co-coordinated, Danielle Garruba, director of student activities, said more than 50 student volunteers helped with decorations, organization and staffing. The college’s Student Government Association made academic integrity the theme of its activities throughout the year.



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