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MCCC Students to Work With Trenton Central High Schoolers in
Discovering Options: Trenton Area College Club


West Windsor, NJ: Mercer County Community College students are set to begin a project funded by State Farm’s Youth Advisory Board that will make it possible for them to assist Trenton Central High School students in preparing for graduation and beyond.

Called “Discovering Options: Trenton Area College Club,” the partnership program has two components. The first will offer tutoring to 9th graders during an After-School Enrichment Program in order to strengthen basic skills in math and English. The second component consists of conducting seminars to educate seniors about options after high school, including college selection, college tours, financial aid literacy, SAT preparation, and life skills.

Four students who are taking the lead in this project, and who helped to write the initial grant to State Farm, are Sade Carmichael, Sharon Herrera, Latrail Jackson, and Shanique Stoddard. They are part of a 45-member MCCC service-learning program called LEADS (Leadership, Engagement, Academics, Determination and Service-Learning), whose members will work directly with the high school students each week as part of Discovering Options.

The majority of LEADS students are graduates of Trenton Central High School. In their proposal they stated, "We are well aware of the conditions and attitudes that can cause students to create low expectations for themselves and have apathetic attitudes towards their education. We understand that many students lack the resources and support from home and in school and that can lead to poor motivation."

The project begins next month and is slated to continue through June, 2015. Tutoring will take place at the high school on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and a "College Club" will meet Wednesday evenings, bringing in representatives to speak on pertinent topics.

LEADS is a program of MCCC’s Programs for Academic Services and Success (PASS), which offers retention services and fosters academic achievement and persistence. Its focus is on at-risk students, especially those participating in the Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) and Retention Services (CWRS) programs.

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