MCCC Nursing Program Recognizes 33 Graduates
At Pinning Ceremony January 20


WEST WINDSOR, N.J. -- Thirty-three Mercer County Community College students savored every moment on the evening of Jan. 20 at MCCC's Kelsey Theatre. Before proud family members and friends, each one was recognized for completing the rigorous requirements for Mercer's associate of science degree program in Nursing. All but three of the students live in Mercer County. All are now qualified to take the national licensure exam for registered nurses.

Hailing from many different life paths, several began the program right out of high school, while for others it was a dream deferred as they juggled the demands of raising children, working and studying. Several were making a mid-career change. Whatever the scenario, all pronounced their love for helping others.

"We are excited to start our new careers or enter a new career phase," said Debra Goehrig of Princeton, valedictorian, mother and grandmother. Goehrig spent 17 years as a licensed practical nurse, working most recently at Delaware Valley Pediatrics. "We can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Florence Nightingale said nursing is an art. The living body is a temple of the living spirit. If you bring a smile to a face of a patient, you have done well. The rewards are never ending."

Dr. Donald Generals, MCCC vice president for Academic Affairs, praised the graduates for committing themselves to serving patients with the best quality health care. "We're very proud of you," he said. "One only has to look at the evening news, at what is happening in Haiti and around the world, to realize that first-rate healthcare professionals are essential. We thank you for choosing this noble profession and succeeding with your goals."

Dr. Linda Martin, dean of Science and Health Professions at MCCC, added: "Each of you is prepared for lifelong learning and providing the best care in a comprehensive and holistic manner. You can evaluate outcomes and achieve those outcomes. You are ready."

The January 2010 Nursing Graduates
Valedictorian Debra Goehrig, left, with graduates Isobe Gborkorkollie, Lauren Fechter, and Alicia Cromwell.
Graduates cheer as their family members and friends applaud.

Among the graduates was Lauren Fechter of Hamilton Square, a 2006 graduate of Steinert High School. She has worked as a patient care technician at Robert Wood Johnson Hamilton for the past two years and plans to pursue a master's degree, specializing in critical care nursing. "I've always wanted to be a nurse," she said. "I want to make a difference."

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