MCCC Hosts Moving Sept. 11 Ceremony


WEST WINDSOR, N.J. -- College faculty, staff, students and community members gathered inside the Mercer County Community College Student Center on Sept. 11 to commemorate the events of six years ago, as the skies opened up with heavy rain outside. The room was adorned with flags and candles.

In her welcoming remarks, President Patricia Donohue said we can draw hope in the face of these unspeakable attacks from the way people came together and in some cases gave their lives. "We especially appreciate the fire fighters and police officers who did their jobs that day with great dignity and courage.

Placing a wreath on the college's Memorial Bench during September 11 commemoration ceremony at Mercer County Community College are MCCC President Patricia Donohue, County Executive Brian Hughes, and Freeholder Pat Colavita.

Here at Mercer we are proud to say that beginning this year the county's police academy is located right here on our West Windsor campus, and the county's fire academy, located nearby at the Dempster Fire Center, is now under the administration of the college. So Mercer County Community College has become a place where our county's heroes are learning."

In his remarks, Mr. Hughes said, "I hope that September 11 will one day stand as an example of the folly of using violence to address grievances, and that terrorism will one day become a bitter memory rather than an everyday occurrence." He encouraged the community to "turn grief into action, make contributions to global peace efforts and solve problems without resorting to violence."

The Rev. Robert Wittik of Trenton Campus Ministry gave a moving invocation. "We pray for your guidance as we work together for the safety of our communities, our campuses, our county and beyond, with the ultimate goal of peace."

MCCC music student Jen Davis closed the ceremony with a beautiful rendition of "God Bless America."

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