Mercer Prepares Retirees to Retire With the Right Attitude


WEST WINDSOR, N.J. – There is a classic song called “The Best is Yet to Come.” For those planning to retire, this message takes on special meaning. Mercer County Community College’s “Retire with Attitude” fall workshops have been designed to help retirees, or those nearing retirement, to chart their best course of action for a fulfilling future. The series is offered by the college’s Center for Continuing Studies, with classes that meet in the early evening at the West Windsor Campus, 1200 Old Trenton Road.

The entrepreneurial ball gets rolling Sept. 25 with “Retirement Jobs and Starting a Business,” which explores a broad spectrum of options for individuals considering a completely new path. Those who desire to take time for themselves, guilt free, will learn more about what makes them tick with “There is No Time for Me,” which meets for one session on Oct. 14. “Live by Design, Not by Default,” held in four sessions Oct. 20 - Nov. 10, focuses on empowering each participant to become “directors” in the movie called “My Life.”

New this fall is “Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Long Term Care.” This session on Oct. 15 will provide a thorough, unbiased overview of such critical topics as Medicare and other health insurance coverage; the effect of new legislation and tax laws on long-term care; the pros and cons of home health care, and the differences among nursing homes, assisted living facilities and continuing care communities. Other helpful information will include a look at how to work effectively with insurance representatives and how to evaluate group life insurance policies.

Making its debut this fall will be the Certificate in Gerontology program, designed for professionals who work with the elderly, as well as personal caregivers. The curriculum will explore broad-ranging issues that impact aging adults, with classes offered on Saturdays, Sept. 27 - Nov. 15.

To register, or for more information on all of MCCC’s noncredit courses for professional and personal development, which begin year-round, click here, or call (609) 570-3311.

"Retire With Attitude classes offered this fall:

Retirement Jobs and Starting a Business
Retirement provides a chance to choose work that fulfills your dreams and your desired schedule. This workshop looks at the types of jobs retirees are doing as well as where you might go to look for jobs that are available to retirees. We also talk about the possibility of starting your own business in a field of interest that has always interested you, and matching that to the financial resources you have.

Tuition and fees: $28
XPE223-076555 Sept 25
1 session Th 6-9 pm
Nunzio Cernero, Certified Senior Advisor

There Is No Time for Me
Are you tired of making everyone happy except you? Do you feel like a robot on an assembly line that is always doing things for others? When we concentrate on others and neglect ourselves, our stress level builds and we feel overwhelmed. In this practical workshop with Helen Burton, the Love Yourself Coach, you discover how to create time for yourself to think about forgotten goals or to do absolutely nothing but relax.
Tuition and fees: $20
XPE234-076556 Oct 14
1 session Tu 6:30-8:30 pm
Helen Burton, Certified Empowerment Coach

Everything You’ve Wanted to Know About Long Term Care

A highly-informative and unbiased review of critical topics including what Medicare, Medicaid, and your health insurance will cover; how new legislation and tax-laws affect LTC; the pros and cons of home-health care; how Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities and Continuing Care Communities differ; the actual costs of receiving LTC-care in a facility or at home; how much will long term care insurance cost you; understanding the confusing choices contained in all insurance policies and how each choice dramatically affects your premium and coverage; how does your age and health affect price; how to impartially compare competing policies and features; how to deal with people who sell this insurance; how to evaluate Group LTC policies offered by your employer or an association. Seminar is NOT a disguised sales pitch and
includes useful handout material!

Tuition and fees: $25
XPE103-076558 Oct 15
1 session W 6:30-8:30 pm
Charles Klayman CKTC;CSA

Live by Design, not by Default
This workshop is designed to have each person take an authentic look at the important areas of their lives, to assess their level of satisfaction in those areas, to clearly articulate where they would like to be, and then to begin designing road maps and action plans for creating the lives they want. Participants will explore what
stops them from having what they want and what it would take to move them forward. The intention is for each participant to leave empowered in the view that they are the directors in the movie called, “My Life” and that they have power over the way it goes. They will come away with the tools to start to “Live by Design, not by Default.”

Tuition and fees: $72
XPE226-076559 Oct 20-Nov 10
4 sessions M 6:30-8:30 pm
Natasha Sherman, Certified Empowerment Coach

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