Frantz Moreau Succeeds at Mercer

Determined Student Takes Advantage of College Services


Even though Frantz Moreau didn't have an easy time in high school, and didn't do well on his SATs, he decided that he would go to college and that he would succeed.

With rare determination, the Princeton High School graduate achieved his goals. This May he earned his associate degree in Television from Mercer, and in June he secured a great job with Educational Testing Services. He credits his success with the help he received at Mercer, along with his persistence and hard work.

While at an orientation session for new students, Moreau learned about the college's Special Services office, and soon met with Learning Disabilities Specialist Lydia Walegir. They spent many hours discussing majors, course selection, careers and more. "Ms. Walegir talked about what would be best for me. I wanted to build a strong foundation."

Moreau said services provided by the Special Services Office team, such as tutoring and a distraction-free room for testing, helped him succeed. He also made good use of Kurzweil software, which reads the text aloud as the student follows it on the computer screen. According to Walegir, Moreau became the Tutoring Center's expert on the software, helping other students learn to use it.

The Special Services team also offered consistent encouragement and advisement. Director of Academic Support Services Arlene Stinson demonstrated her belief in Moreau by offering him increased responsibilities in the Learning Center. Counseling Specialist Dr. Susan Onaitis helped him develop practical skills for successful daily living.

Taking two busses from Princeton to the Mercer campus, Moreau started as an Engineering major, but soon changed his major to Television. "Ms. Walegir suggested a basic TV class and I tried it. It took me by surprise because there was so much hands-on practice. We had class right in the studio and used the equipment. At the end we got to see a project we worked on, and I saw myself doing something in television."

Moreau worked as a cameraman with Mercer's active Television Club, which produces two weekly live television news shows called "MCN Live." "The club was just starting out. I signed up and loved it. When I actually had a chance to work on a news set and everybody was doing different jobs, it was great. At the end, you turn around and watch it. We had a good time."

Mercer's Financial Aid office helped Moreau get the financial help that made college possible. "That was the only way I was able to come to Mercer," he said. "I thought 'I am going to work twice as hard to keep it.'" Part of his aid required working on campus as a work-study student. According to Walegir he also worked as an intern at Merrill Lynch, and they highly praised his work. During the summer months he worked for Princeton Borough. "I kept busy year round but I made sure my homework came first. I figured if I stayed on top of everything I would be one step ahead of the challenge."

"He's unique," said Walegir, who several times asked Moreau to speak to groups of high school students, and even to the faculty. "He's a good role model. He has such persistence. He sought out whatever help he could get and would take a look at what he could do to make things better for next time."

As he saw graduation approaching this spring, Moreau was apprehensive about finding a job. "The Career Services office had a job posting from ETS (Education Testing Services), and I decided I should apply for it," he said. "I am really happy that I had the opportunity. I was happy to even just have a job interview in my field. Luckily I did what I needed to do and that was to sell myself, and I did pretty well." Moreau got the job and an excellent salary, and he's starting this summer as an audio-visual specialist.

Moreau has come a long way from the struggling student he was when he started at Mercer. His confidence is so high that he plans to continue his college education at night, with the goal of earning a bachelor's degree. "I made the best decision coming to Mercer because it helped me so much," he said. I got support here."

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