Completed Construction Project
Streamlines Student Services


October marked the completion of Mercer's One-Stop Student Center and Library renovation project. Undertaken with the goal of improving services for students, as well as accessibility of services, the project also brought two of the college's major buildings, constructed in the early 1970s, up to current code standards. Many energy-saving elements were included.

Designed by the Spiezle Architectural Group, the project added 7,000 square feet to the previous structures, with the total renovated space equalling 70,000 square feet. A new parking area near the Student Center enables students to make short stops.

A new
Reception Center which connects the Student Center and Library houses a security office, information desk, elevator and staircase.

A new second floor, added to the existing Library, now houses the Bookstore, Learning Center, Academic Testing Center and Office of Special Services.

Renovated areas of the Student Center's second floor house Enrollment and Registration Services with a large reception area, Financial Aid and Bursar's Office. The Student Success Center includes a variety of easily accessible services, including Career and Transfer Services and Counseling; PASS Programs, Veteran's Affairs and the Nursing Resource Center. Space has been allocated for large and small group study, ledges have been installed for computer work, and meeting spaces are available.

On the Student Center's first floor, renovated space includes offices for Student Activities, Student Government and other clubs, student newspaper and radio station.

The new entrance from the Hughes Drive side of campus.
The Reception Center, from the balcony.
Students registering for class in the new Registration Center.
The new Learning Center is a popular place to study.
The new Library.

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