Skate Club Rolls Into MCCC’s West Windsor Campus


WEST WINDSOR – Even if you think a "longboard" is something for ironing your clothes, or "shredding" is the best way to make a salad, Mercer County Community College’s (MCCC) Skate Club might be for you.

“The club is a safe space to advance your skateboarding skills and make new friends with similar interests,” said MCCC sophomore Chukwuebuka Akaleybar, president of the college’s Skate Club. “The club welcomes everyone from those interested in learning to skate to more advanced skaters.”

A unanimous decision at the September Student Government Association (SGA) meeting at MCCC saw the induction of a handful of new clubs – including the Skate Club. Among the members that joined are students that ride skateboards, rip sticks, rollerblades, penny boards, and longboards.

Akaleybar said that learning to skate over the summer taught him a lot about himself.

“Falling isn’t failing. No matter how hurt I got, I wanted to learn the trick,” he said. Akaleybar added that he wanted to create a club where skaters could share their passion with others and learn how to skate.

“Club meetings are held at Mercer County Park, where beginners can learn on the grass while the strip is for those more advanced,” Akaleybar said, noting that the club meets 10 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

While incorporating different styles of skating, the Skate Club is a great way to learn something new and make lifelong friends, said Akaleybar.

“The park is a hangout spot and creates a chill environment for the skaters,” Akaleybar said. “The skating community is full of intelligent people with a drive to learn and teach others new tricks.”

For more information or to join the MCCC Skate Club, email SGA Co-Presidents Ruth Anderson or Laura Ceras at or


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Chukwuebuka Akaleybar (left), president of the new Skate Club at MCCC, with fellow club member Ernesto Ramos during college Club Day in September.