MCCC Entrepreneurial Master Class Prepares Students for Life After College


West Windsor, N.J. – The second year of Mercer County Community College’s (MCCC) Entrepreneurial Master Class continued to help students build their toolkits by offering a holistic understanding of the business world. Organized by the Division of Innovation, Online Education and Student Success under the direction of Dr. Alexandra Salas, the workshop took students from inspiration to action, as they learned how to present themselves and their ideas to a group.

Students who completed the seminar also received a certificate of completion, a letter of recommendation, and access to a networking community.

Over three sessions, students in the Master Class were pushed to learn leadership by visualizing, conceptualizing and implementing a personal plan for the future. Each meeting was led by Simon Nynens, New Jersey Institute of Technology Vice President of Business Incubation and Executive Director of Commercialization, who volunteered his time.

“During one class Simon had each of us do a one-minute idea pitch,” said Karandeep Gill, a Business Administration major. He added, “Having to create a concise and effective pitch really helped me organize my thoughts and start planning for my future.”

Nynens’ approach to the course drew interest from a diverse student group. Among them were students pursuing careers in traditional business, law, social work and more.

Carmen Perez, a first-year paralegal student began her career as a lawyer in the Dominican Republic but participated in the Master Class to broaden her career outlook. “Simon motivated me to think about my work life in ways I hadn’t before. Even though my background is in law, I can still add a level of dynamism to my career with an entrepreneurial mindset.”

According to Nynens, that entrepreneurial mindset originates from control over three parts of the body: the storyteller, the physical body and the judge. “Being able to listen to each of these voices, and knowing when to shut them out, is important to finding personal success,” Nynens told the group.

The course also addressed motivational and self-help principles. Nynens emphasized that keeping an open mind prevents people from setting narrow and unrealistic expectations.

He also advised students to develop soft skills like empathy. “If you are kind to everybody you meet and have an open mind, life will be easier for you.”

“Simon helped me a lot,” student Catherine Ball said. “I learned that taking the time to become a more interesting person can go a long way in business.”

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Members of MCCC's second Entrepreneurial Master Class, front row from left: Jill Marcus, Coordinator for MercerOnline, Chan Mya Mya, Nunana Honutse, Catherine Ball, Mabel Yeboah, Divesh Ramani, Carmen Perez Back Row: Richard Hood, Brandon Rojas, Simon Nynens, Cristian Ramirez, Karandeep Gill, Dr. Alexandra Salas, Dean of Innovation, Online Education
and Student Success, and Alfred Powner II

Nynens answered student questions over lunch for the last meeting of the Entrepreneurial Master Class.