Workplace Spanish


Benefits for the participants:

At the end of this program participants will be able to do the following:

  • Greet, use amenities and farewells
  • Describe things by color and size
  • State family relationships
  • Refer to places
  • Use personal pronouns
  • Explain activities in basic terms
  • Introduce people
  • Tell time
  • Name body parts
  • Use calendar time
  • Discuss clothing
  • Name specific foods
  • Get basic directions


Course Description:

This class is targeted for those with little or no previous experience in speaking Spanish.

It focuses on developing simple conversational skills to prepare learners to communicate basic conversations within a hospital setting.

Vocabulary and grammar are integrated with conversational Spanish to develop a basis for learning the language.


What You Will Cover:

All topics are integrated with activities customized to your working environment

  • Greetings, Courtesy
  • Basic Vocabulary (including numbers, times, etc.)
  • Verbal Expressions
  • Questions
  • Negations
  • Articles
  • Personal Pronouns
  • Prepositions


Course Hours: 40 hours