Effective Verbal Communication


Benefits for the participants:

  • Understand the communication process
  • Identify different personality types and strategies for dealing with them
  • Refresh skills in active listening
  • Reinforce assertiveness skills
  • Resolve conflicts using negotiating skills
  • Interpret and use non-verbal messages.


Course Description:

Communication between co-workers and with customers can make the difference between productivity, and wasted effort.

This workshop begins the process of building effective communication skills for use in the workplace as well as personal relationships.


What You Will Cover:

  • Communication Process
    • Path of a message
    • Active listening
    • Sending and receiving accurate messages
  • Considering Individual Communication Styles
    • Recognize behavior types
    • Dealing with different communication styles
    • Communicating with supervisors
  • Communication Strategies
    • Verbal and non-verbal signals
    • Aggressive, non-assertive, assertive behavior
    • Resolving conflict with negotiating skills
  • Developing a Personal Communication Plan
    • Self-assessment
    • Action plan


Course Hours: 4 to 12 hours