Customer Service


Benefits for the participants:

  • Identify customer service challenges in your
  • Explore a foundation for customer service
  • Identify factors that can contribute to communication
  • Learn how to better manage potentially unproductive
  • Learn to create positive memorable experiences for all


Course Description:
Participants will discuss what is needed to build a stronger customer service commitment and to improve relations with both customers and fellow employees.


What You Will Cover:

  • Welcome and Introduction
    • Workshop Goal and Objectives
  • A Foundation for Excellence in Customer Service
    • Characteristics of Good Customer Service
    • Customer Service Customer Satisfaction
    • In-person, phone, and e-mail best practices
  • Caring Customer Service
    • Components of Caring Customer Service
    • Strategies for Success
  • Communication
    • Managing Dissatisfaction, Friction and Discord
  • Creating Positive Memorable Experiences
    • Pulling It All Together
    • Case Scenarios
  • Closing
  • Action Plan and Feedback


Course Hours: 8 hours