Consultative Selling


Benefits for the participants:

  • To be aware of the value of consulting customers;
  • To identify three areas to research about potential clients;
  • To develop skills in asking questions to diagnose client needs, objectives, and expectations; and
  • To create ways to present business solutions


Course Description:

Consultative selling is a powerful process for individuals in sales or marketing, for customer service representatives, and/or for anyone interested in developing successful business relationships.

Consultative selling is built on the premise that everyone needs to win in business relationships.  One party has the opportunity to sell products or services and the other party has the opportunity to have his or her needs met. Trusting, long-term relationships are the goal, not quick sales.

This program emphasizes the planning and preparation phases of consultative selling. The primary components of this planning and preparation include the following:

  1. Researching the underlying needs, stated objectives, and expectations of target clients.
  2. Preparing specific questions that help clients clarify their needs, objectives, and expectations.
  3. Presenting business solutions


What You Will Cover:

  • Introduction to the Consultative Model of Selling
  • Sales Self-Assessment
  • Researching Target Clients
    • Assumptions About Clients
    • Three Things to Learn About Potential Clients
    • Research Strategies Practice
  • Preparing Specific Questions to Ask Clients
    • Testing Your Market Research
    • The SPIN Sequence
    • The Difference Between Implication and Need-Payoff Questions
    • Developing SPIN Questions
    • Practicing SPIN Questions
  • Suggesting Solutions
    • An Investment, Not a Cost
    • The PAR Method
    • Composing PAR Presentations
  • Closing Activities
    • Your Next Steps
    • Action Planning


Course Hours: 8 hours