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Funeral Services Program
Funeral Services Program
Funeral Services Program

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ's about the MCCC Funeral Service Program.

How long does it take to complete the program?
Students who have completed at least 60 college credits and all of the pre-requisite courses can complete the full-time program in two semesters - fall & spring. The part-time program is designed to be completed in 2 1/2 years including summers.

When should I apply?
Make your application as soon as possible to insure eligibility for the limited access program. It is recommended that you apply during the semester before you wish to start.

To which program should I apply?
Students with no college credits (or fewer than 30) should apply for the Funeral Service Preparatory Program. Students who plan to attend MCCC just to take the funeral courses (i.e. have 60 credits and all the pre -requisite courses complete) should apply for the Certificate Program. (For all on-line applications, select AAS Business Management - Funeral Service Preparatory option.)

When can I start?
A new class starts each fall for the full-time program.
Part-time students can begin in the fall or spring.

What is the AAS degree in Funeral Service?
The AAS degree should be viewed as a graduation option not a program for admission. All students are encouraged to earn the AAS degree. However, to insure that your admissions application gets prompt attention, mark it for either the Certificate or Preparatory program. (For all on-line applications, select AAS Business Management - Funeral Service Preparatory option.)

I want to finish the program in the shortest period of time so why can't I enroll for the AAS?
There is no shortcut in the academic preparation for licensure. Licensure in both NJ & PA requires 60 college credits (beyond the Basic Skills level) + one year of funeral service education. The AAS degree includes 30 general education credits, so students who complete only the AAS would not be candidates for licensure in PA or NJ until 30 additional credits are completed. Therefore, we do not enroll students directly into the AAS program without individual advisement.

Is the program offered on-line?

No, the MCCC Funeral Service program makes extensive use of the blended format which includes an on-line component in many courses and reduces the time spent in the classroom, but we do not offer a fully on-line program.

When do classes meet?
Classes meet Monday-Wednesday-Friday 9am-5pm for the full-time program.
For the part-time program, classes meet Monday & Wednesday nights (exceptions: one summer session meets Wednesday afternoon & evening; FUN229 Counseling meets M-Th for 6 weeks in the summer; FUN217 Management meets Tues. evening and FUN206 Intro to Funeral Service is offered on Thurs. evening in the Spring).

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Funeral Services Program

*The Funeral Service AAS Degree and Funeral Service Certificate programs at Mercer County Community College are accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE)

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