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NONPROFIT Management


Fundamentals of Nonprofit Management

A nonprofit can only be as strong as the fundamentals it is built upon. In this class, examine aspects of non-profit organizations that make them unique while focusing on areas critical to their success. Emphasis will be placed on the development of an effective Board, the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors, the importance of a mission statement and vision, and the effective management of volunteers.

NCBUS-CS054-01 / 1.5 CEU / cost: $225

Dates  Sep 28 – Oct 26       Time 6:00-9:00pm

Sessions Instructor Marge Smith


Non-Profit Funding   REMOTE

Through Grant Writing, Grant Management, Fundraising, and Organizational Readiness

Building the financial side of non-profit organizations is critical to ongoing success. It requires a robust and dedicated organization with a mission that inspires people, and execution that "gets it done". This course will provide a nuts-and-bolts look at how to write a grant proposal, how to find funders, how to build your organization with community support, how to manage a grant project, and why managing an awarded grant is so important. The instructor, John Vadnais, has helped leading healthcare, workforce and undergraduate educational organizations to obtain millions of dollars in grant funds, and he has co-managed the execution of many of those grant projects.

Students will be expected to write a grant proposal in sections, with advice from the instructor, and to present it to the class acting as a funder Board of Trustees. Through lecture, videos, non-profit web sites/social media, research web sites, in-class exercises and home study, students will gain insights on how to strengthen a non-profit organization for mission and funding success. Textbook is required and available in the college bookstore.

NCBUS-CS092-01 / 1.6 CEU / cost: $175

Dates  Sep 23 – Nov 11      Time  6:30-8:30pm

Sessions  8       Instructor John Vadnais

Day TH           NOTES


Marketing and Public Relations for Nonprofits

Marketing and public relations can make or break a nonprofit today. This course focuses on marketing and communication issues and techniques for promoting events and programs while raising a nonprofit’s profile in the public, private, and corporate arenas. Sessions will include tools, resources, procedures, and practical information along with hands-on group and individual exercises. One session will be dedicated to the significance and use of such social media as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

NCBUS-CS015-01 / 1.2 CEU / cost: $160

Dates   Dec 7 – Dec 16        Time  6:00-9:00pm

Sessions  4                Instructor  Ed Andriessen

Day TU, TH             NOTES



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