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Phlebotomy, Patient Care, EKG


December 2 at 5 p.m.



  • If for some unforeseen reason you wish to withdraw from the course at least ten (10) days before the start of the program, you will receive a refund in the amount of the tuition minus $100 for administration fee. No refunds will be issued if you withdraw from the course less than ten (10) days before the start of the program.
  • Tuition support may be available for the unemployed. Call One-Stop at 609.989.6824 for more information.
  • All students must complete the application process prior to registering for these courses. Class size is limited. Attendance at all sessions is mandatory.
  • Please email Andrea Bash at for an application packet or with any questions.



Certified Nurse Aide (CNA)

Please refer to the website for updates on the schedule for this course.


A clear understanding of written and spoken English.

Scrubs, student liability insurance, 2-step PPD, and state examination are all required and have additional costs.  

A money order of $76 must be presented at the time of the skills test.

In order to complete this program, participants must pass a background check.

The high-demand occupation of CNA (Certified Nurse Aide) involves caring for patients in long-term care facilities, assisted living, rehabilitation centers, pediatric care, and hospitals. This 90-hour course is approved by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services and consists of 50 classroom hours and 40 hours of clinical instruction. 


You will be prepared to take the NJ State Certified Nursing Assistant Exam. Licensed CNAs are eligible to take an additional ten-hour course to become a Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA). Textbook is required and is available in the college bookstore. 


Upon successful completion of the program, students are eligible to receive one academic credit toward an Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree at Mercer County Community College.

NCHCP-CS031-02 / 9.0 CEU / cost: $1,400

Dates  TBD    Time Various

Sessions 21 Instructor TBD

Day M, W NOTES Skills Test date:


Certified Home Health Aide (CHHA) 

Required: Students MUST be currently certified by the NJ Department of Health and Senior Services as a Certified Nurse Aide. Proof of licensure must be provided to register.


This ten-hour program is designed for the CNA who wants to become a Certified Home Health Aide (private care). Students will process the application to become a CHHA with the NJ Board of Nursing. There will be a licensing fee of $80 paid by money order only.


West Windsor

NCHCP-CS032-01 / 1.0 CEU / cost: $153 

Dates  Nov 6 – Nov 13      Time 9:00am-2:30pm

Sessions     2        Instructor     Marilyn Wargo

Day    SA      NOTES  ½ hour lunch

Phlebotomy I


Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent.

This 90-hour lecture course provides the first step to preparing for a career as a Certified Phlebotomy Technician. The program begins with the healthcare delivery system, collection of materials and equipment, venipuncture and capillary techniques, and medical, legal, and ethical implications of blood collection. Upon successful completion of the didactic portion of this course, students will be sent to a local healthcare facility to complete an externship. During this externship, students will perform 40 venipunctures. Thereafter, students will be eligible to take the National Certification Exam given by NHA or the ASCP Phlebotomy Certification tests. (The certification test cost is the student’s responsibility) Textbook is required and available in the college bookstore. 


NCHCP-CS029-01 / 9.0 CEU / cost: $1,396 

Dates Sep 21 –Dec 9           Time 5:00-9:00pm 

Sessions 23            Instructor  Settina Watson

Day TU, TH NOTES Dec 9 only – 5pm-7pm; No class Nov 25

Phlebotomy II Externship (40 hours)

Requirements: Successful completion of Phlebotomy I and instructor recommendation are required to register for the Phlebotomy II Externship 

Scrubs are mandatory

Background checks must be completed prior to externship. **State mandated**

2-step PPD/immunizations and a physical examination are required

Phlebotomy Liability Insurance required ($40)

Students will complete Phlebotomy II with 40 hours of documentation, performing a minimum of 40 venipunctures. This externship is performed at a local healthcare facility under direct supervision. Schedules will vary and will be assigned by the Phlebotomy I instructor. Students must adhere to their schedule and complete the hours assigned.

Note: Students have 6 months after completing Phlebotomy I to complete externship.


NCHCP-CS091-01 / 4.0 CEU / cost: $360

Dates: Dec 15 – April 30

EKG Cardiac Technician General Course and Test Preparation (hybrid)

Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent.

The comprehensive 50-hour EKG Technician Certification Program prepares students to function as EKG Technicians and to take the NHA Electrocardiograph (EKG) Technician exam. This course includes important practice and background information on anatomy and physiology of the heart, medical disease processes, medical terminology, medical ethics, and legal aspects of patient contact, electrocardiography, and stress testing. Additionally, students will practice with EKG equipment and perform hands-on labs including introduction to the function and proper use of the EKG machine, the normal anatomy of the chest wall for proper lead placement, 12-lead placement, and other clinical practices.  Textbook is required and available in the college bookstore. 


NCHCP-CS028-01 / 5.0 CEU / cost: $1,120 

Dates   Sep 20 – Nov 15        Time 6:00-9:00pm

Sessions 17   Instructor Tyrone McNeil

Day M, W        NOTES Nov 15 (only): 6:00pm-8pm

Pharmacy Technician Certification Prep Program

Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent; strong mathematical skills.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Prep Program prepares students with knowledge and skills to confidently take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s national exam. This program offers both retail and hospital settings as part of its hands-on externship. Who should attend? Those seeking nationwide employment opportunities within the field of pharmacy. Total program consists of 250 hours. Total cost of all four modules is $2,877.00. Textbook is required and available in the college bookstore. 



Students will learn introduction to pharmacy, pharmaceutical dosage forms, and Pharmacy Practice I.

NCHCP-CS052-01 / 5.0 CEU / cost: $575

Dates:   TBD        Time  5:30-9:30pm (TU, TH)

Sessions 13                           Instructor  Yamaris Rivera

Day  TU, TH                        NOTES     5:30-7:30pm only    



Prerequisite: Module I

This module provides pharmacy calculations, sterile products, and pharmacology I.

NCHCP-CS050-01 / 7.5 CEU / cost: $864

Dates:  TBD       Time 5:30-9:30pm (TU, TH)

Sessions 19                               Instructor Yamaris Rivera

Day TU, TH                             NOTES Sep 7 5:30-8:30pm only

Patient Care Technician

Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent.

This 125-hour course prepares Patient Care Technicians via NHA National HealthCareer Association. The course provides instruction related to advanced fundamentals of patient care with phlebotomy and EKG practice to include but not limited to lectures, discussion, audiovisuals, demonstration of skills, and clinical skills validation. The course further expands content to include the key practice elements of the Patient Care Technician providing a conceptual framework of practice to include advanced nursing assistant, phlebotomy, EKG and monitor technician and unit secretary. “Patient Care Technician Practicum” is the final course where students are evaluated with their hands-on patient care tech skills. Textbook is required and available in the college bookstore.


9/22-12/16 and then resume on 1/12-2/2. 

Notes 2/2 will be 5-10pm 

NCHCP-CS090-01  / 12.5 CEU / cost: $1,975   

Sep 22- Dec 16         Time  5:00pm-10:00pm;  
Jan 12 – Feb 2        Time  5:00pm –10:00pm

Sessions 31                    Instructor Tracey Pinkney  

Day W,TH                  NOTES No class Nov 24,25  

Classes meets at JKC (Trenton) Campus  

Global Sterilization

Prerequisites: H.S Diploma or equivalent

This 36-hour program teaches students to become Sterile Processing Technicians. Students learn the trade of maintaining cleanliness, functionality, and inventory of health care instruments and equipment. You will also learn the responsibility of sterilizing instrumentation, and equipment through a series of critical and important steps. Through the learning of these steps, you will gain the understanding of how their organization ensures that patients avoid infections, and that doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals are able to access the equipment they need immediately. Students will understand microbiology and infection control, as it pertains to decontamination procedures, implement infection control practices to ensure the patients avoid infection, provide instrumentation and equipment chess to doctors, nurses, and allied health professionals as required.

The program will prepare the students to work in hospitals, surgery centers, and third-party affiliates. You will be eligible to sit for the IAHCSMM national exam.

NCHCP-CS102-01 / 3.6 CEU / cost: $720

Dates:   Oct 11- Nov 17        Time 6:00pm-9:00pm

Sessions 12                                 Instructor Brian Stokes

Day M, W                                 NOTES


Pharmacy Technician

Requirements: High School diploma or equivalent; strong mathematical skills.

The Pharmacy Technician Certification Prep Program prepares students with the necessary knowledge  and skills required to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board’s national exam. This program introduces students to the pharmacy field  and the profession of  a pharmacy technician. Students will get  an overview of laws, regulations,  and terminology  as it pertains to the pharmacy field. Both retail  and hospital concepts  and skills  are covered in the curriculum. Students will  also learn information  as it relates to pharmacology, drug names, routes of  administration, formulations  and math skills in order to calculate dosages  and manage inventory. 

NCHCP-CS  / 14.4 CEU / cost: $2,150

Dates Oct 5 –Dec 16, Jan 11-Apr 12            Time 5:00-9:00pm 

Sessions 49                       Instructor Yamaris Rivera

Day TU, TH             NOTES No class Nov 25






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Infrared Body Temperature Screening

[ offered through MCCC's Mercer Institute]
self-paced online program to be completed within two weeks of registering

A specialized 5 unit theory and application course for the use of thermal imaging to detect elevated body temperature in humans. Equivalent to a five hour classroom course with a two hour period allotted for the online exam at the end of the course.

Course completion may be applied toward training requirements for Infraspection Institute Level I, II, or III Thermographer certification.


  • Infrared theory
  • Heat transfer concepts
  • Equipment operation and selection
  • Current regulations
  • Standards compliance
  • Screening area setup and procedures
  • Adjunctive equipment
  • Safety issues

Designed for program managers and for operators of infrared body temperature screening systems. Students are trained to set up and operate both purpose-built and industrial grade thermal imagers suitable for human body temperature screening. Self directed learning activities are provided to help student gain practical experience; however, one need not have an infrared imager to successfully complete the course.

Course tuition includes 24 hour access to all online course presentations, downloadable Student Reference Manual, online exam, and written proof of course completion. Student must complete training within 14 days of registration.

NCHCP-MI021-01 / tuition: $595



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for Health Professions Students


This course will provide training for adult, child, and infant CPR. Learn one and two rescuers CPR, rescue breathing, and skills for conscious and unconscious choking victims.

Participants will also learn how to use barrier devices and AED.

All participants will receive an American Heart Association card valid for 2 years. 

NCHSC-CS013-01      Tuesday, June 1             deadline to register May 19

NCHSC-CS013-02      Wednesday, June 9        deadline to register May 27

NCHSC-CS013-03      Thursday, June 17         deadline to register June 4

NCHSC-CS013-04      Monday, June 21           deadline to register June 8

NCHSC-CS013-05     Tuesday, June 29            deadline to register June 15

NCHSC-CS014-06     Thursday, July 8            deadline to register June 24

NCHSC-CS013-07     Tuesday, July 20            deadline to register July 9





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