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ONLINE Certification Courses:

Gold Certified Personal Trainer Course

Turn your passion into a career. The W.I.T.S. online personal trainer course is a SELF-PACED program with short, impactful online videos with learning activities to be a successful personal trainer in the fitness industry. The lessons will help you with key core topics to learn how the body functions under the stresses of exercise.  Learn exercise physiology, kinesiology, nutrition and more.  The essential practical skills are packed with insightful mentored drills that you can duplicate to master the skill set.  A bonus weekend is available to review these skills in-person on the 6th week.

This course is loaded with practice quizzes, discussion boards and much more.  We have included incredible veteran fitness mentors to help your successful outcome.  Our supplemental internship program walks you into some great job opportunities.  Your test vouchers for the NCCA Accreditation national exams are included and a must for employers.

*    Students may begin to work immediately upon successfully passing ofLevel 1 Certified Personal Trainer exam. 

  • CPR/AED is required after passing the exams.
  • Students are provided with an option to complete a 30-hour employer internship to get to the BONUS Level 2 Certified Personal Trainer credential at no additional cost.
  • Students must be 18 years of age to enroll in this course.
  • Certified Personal Trainer Course with Test Voucher Included. 


Textbook is required and not included in course fees. Fitness Professional’s Handbook 7th ed. with web resources (ISBN-13: 9781492523376). Call 888-330-9487 or visit to order the textbook or check out Amazon textbooks to rent the book for as little as $39.


Special Note:  Successful completion of the course activities and online exam will get you a Certificate of Completion.  Passing the national exams at your college will get you a Level 1 Certified Personal Trainer credential so you can work right away.


NCHCP-CS025-01 / cost: $791

Dates Sep 27- Nov 8    Time 10:00am-5:00pm online self-paced

Sessions 6 Instructor  WITS

Day SU NOTES  No class Nov 1 Practical Lab Review at the Gym:  Oct 25

National Certification Exams: Nov 8


 Gold Group Fitness Certification Course

This online self-paced teacher mentored certification course will help you to develop skills for leading any group in an exciting safe routine. Lectures will cover the essentials of group exercise history, music, choreography, safety techniques, as well as basic applied science specifically relating to group strength, cardiovascular, muscular, and flexibility. Practical labs will expand into skill development learning activities for functional training, sports conditioning, circuit, boot camp, dance, step, kickboxing and equipment-based class techniques. A mind body class overview in Yoga & Pilates will cap it off so you can incorporate this knowledge into sections of your classes. The national exams for the certification credential is included online with this program. (32 Hours)

Special Note:  Successful completion of the course activities and online exam will get you a Certificate of Completion.  Passing the national exams at your college will get you a Level 1 Certified Personal Trainer credential.


NCHCP-CS098-01 / cost: $ 791

Dates Sept 27 - Nov 8  Time 10:00am-5:00pm

Sessions 6 Instructor  WITS

Day SU NOTES  No class Nov 1 Practical Lab review Oct 31



Senior Fitness Specialist Certification Course

Teacher mentored self-paced online certification:

This ALL online certification class is for health and fitness professionals, occupational therapists, LPN’s and others wanting to gain knowledge, training, and competency to work with senior adults.  We will teach you how to assess fitness levels, design fitness programs and provide motivating exercise instruction. This course is a great addition to your knowledge base and allows you the opportunity to learn the proper exercise techniques, stretching, programming and safety needed for older adult clients. The population of individuals 65 and older is increasing rapidly. This presents the professional trainer with multiple opportunities to work with clients as they age.  (20-hour course with an online exam)

Open enrollment during the semester.


NCHCP-CS099-01 / cost: $499

Dates  Open Enrollment

Sessions 6 Instructor  WITS



Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Certification Course

Teacher mentored self-paced online certification:

This unique Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Certification course will show your client that providing specific insights into their individual wellness is just as vital to their long-term success as creating an exercise program. Our Lifestyle Wellness Coaching course will enable you to communicate, motivate, and support your client IN NEW INNOVATIVE WAYS. This program will help you develop the personal skills you need to lead your clients, while opening new revenue streams outside of just exercise training sessions! Your clients will achieve long-term fitness and lifestyle wellness goals for likely the first time ever.  You will provide your clients with personal awareness techniques that will create new possibilities and help them overcome previous limitations.

Lifestyle Wellness Coaching Certification includes 12 hours of video instruction, drills and testing.  The W.I.T.S. video lessons will teach you the skills of successful coaching and allow you to practice and build confidence in your coaching relationships as a lifestyle wellness coach.  This is the next level in your professional growth to build your personal business and increase your billable hours. (13 Hour course with an online exam.)

Open enrollment during the semester.



NCHCP-CS100-01 / cost: $499

Dates Open enrollment

Sessions 6 Instructor  WITS




T’ai Chi Ch’uan      

T’ai Chi Ch’uan is the ancient Chinese secret to health, rejuvenation, and longevity. A martial art and moving meditation. T’ai Chi is based on Taoist philosophy, emphasizing calm awareness and inner tranquility.


NCREC-CS005-01 / cost: $65

Dates  TBD           Time 7:00-8:00pm

Sessions            Instructor     Guy DeRosa

Day         NOTES        


Pilates - Mat

Mat work is a great place to begin with Pilates. All of the fundamental movements and Pilates exercise principles are incorporated in the mat exercises. These exercises are adaptable to any level. Gain strength and confidence quickly when using the Pilates method. Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a mat and water.


NCREC-CS023-01 / cost: $150 

Dates TBD            Time 7:00-8:00pm

Sessions     10      Instructor     Lori Gordon

Day    TH      NOTES        


Ballet Fitness   

Designed to stretch and strengthen muscles and joints, increase flexibility, improve technique, and correct alignment, all while learning and having fun! Basic ballet fundamentals, terminology, vocabulary, and posture will be incorporated into toning and cardio exercises in the center of the floor. It is recommended that you wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Jazz, ballet, socks or bare feet are acceptable footwear. No dance experience required, just the desire to learn and move. 


NCREC-CS028-01 / cost: $65

Dates TBD             Time 5:30-6:20 pm

Sessions     6        Instructor     Erica Milcarek

Day M          NOTES        


Kayaking Classes (Ages 18+) - Beginner 

Join us a few beautiful hours in the morning and learn the basics of kayaking - perfect for beginners. Kayaks and lifejackets will be provided. Classes meet at Mercer County Lake in West Windsor, NJ.  


NCREC-CS011-01 / cost: $80 

Dates   Oct 3           Time 10:00am-12:30pm

Sessions     1        Instructor     Bryan Mitchell

Day    Sat.      NOTES        



Boating Safety - Boaters Licensing Preparation, Safe Boating and Personal Watercraft Course (Ages 13+)

This licensing course prepares students and satisfies the State of New Jersey requirement to operate lawfully a boat or personal watercraft. All necessary filings are completed for each participant after successful passing of the licensing test administered at the end of the class. This course is accredited by the N.J. State Police. All materials included. 


NCREC-CS018-01 / cost: $93      

Dates  TBD           Time 6:00-10:00pm

Sessions     2        Instructor     Keith Gunsten

Day    TU, TH                   NOTES        


NCREC-CS018-02 / cost: $93 

Dates  TBD           Time 6:00-10:00pm

Sessions     2        Instructor     Keith Gunsten

Day    TU, TH                   NOTES