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Summer 2021


Fundamentals of English Language- Level I    REMOTE  

Improve pronunciation, comprehension, and vocabulary skills in a relaxed atmosphere as you explore American culture. In this course, you will become comfortable with the rules of English grammar. Practice everyday conversation, gain confidence, and learn useful expressions in a friendly, helpful atmosphere. Textbook is required and available for purchase in the college bookstore.


NCELL-CS016-01 / cost: $320

Dates   May 8- Aug 7            Time 9:00am- 12:00pm.   

Sessions       12              Instructor      Priya Singh

Day     SA                   NOTES No class Jul 3

Intensive Intermediate Grammar for English as Second Language Learners - Level 2    REMOTE 

If you want to improve your English this intensive, 12 session Level 2 course is for you. You will improve your English reading, writing, listening and speaking in a relaxed atmosphere and become more comfortable with the rules of English grammar. Practice complex everyday conversation to gain confidence and learn useful expressions. 

NCELL-CS019-01 / cost: $320 

Dates    May 3- Jun 14             Time   6:00-9:00pm

Sessions       12                    Instructor      Vandana Mathur

Day     M, W                         NOTES No class May 31    

Speaking Everyday English- Level 3     REMOTE 

Prerequisite: Intensive Intermediate Grammar Level 2

Talk about everyday topics that occur at the bank, store, restaurant, car repair shop, train station, and more. Read dialogue text and role-play to increase confidence in daily activities. This course helps students improve their ability to hold a conversation in a variety of settings and situations. 

NCELL-CS018-01 / cost: $320 

Dates   Jun 21 – Jul 28                 Time   6:00-9:00pm

Sessions   12                   Instructor    Vandana Mathur

Day M,W                  NOTES