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Prerequisite: High school Diploma or equivalent
Become a valuable member of the dental health team as a dental assistant. This ninety (90) hour hybrid course will introduce participants to the various entities of one of the fastest growing healthcare fields. Seventy-five (75) hours of on-line instruction will provide an overview of the many skills required to function effectively as a dental assistant. Fifteen (15) hours of on-site pre-clinical and laboratory experiences at the Kinder Smile Foundation Dental Home in Trenton, NJ will be incorporated into course sessions. The on-site sessions will provide the opportunity for students to better understand learned concepts through observation and participation in simulated basic dental procedures which highlight the role of the dental assistant. Course content includes an overview of charting, oral and dental anatomy, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) standards and infection control awareness, instrument identification and use, chairside assisting, equipment, Basic First Aid and CPR, and general dental procedures. Upon fulfilling all course requirements, the participant will receive a Certificate of Completion from Mercer County Community College, Division of Lifelong Learning.

Textbook required and is available in the college bookstore. Students must obtain the textbook prior to the start of class.

NCHCP CS109 01 / cost: $1400

Dates Mar 23 -  Jul 1       Time 6-9pm 

Sessions 30                       Instructors: Ethan Glickman, DDS and Michelle Redd, RDH, BA

Day    TU, TH 

NOTES:  Site location for designated pre-clinical /laboratory sessions:
Kindersmile Foundation Dental Home:
101 N. Broad Street Trenton, NJ

Basic Dental Anatomy and Office Terminology

A pre-requisite for practicing Dental Assistants planning on taking the future Mercer County Community College Dental Radiology course.  The topics include: Dental Anatomy of the Head and Neck, Hard Structures of the Oral Cavity: Morphology of the Primary and Secondary Dentitions and Supporting Structures, Intra-Oral Soft Tissues of the Oral Cavity: Landmarks. 

NCHCP-CS108-01   / cost: $225

Dates  Mar 13-Mar 27         Time   9am-12:00pm

Sessions  3                        Instructor:   Dr. Ethan Glickman 

Day    S