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  • The Center for Continuing Studies’ Construction Management Program enables today’s construction industry managers to put principles and theories into immediate action on the job. Complete your projects on time and on budget. Earn our Certificate or take just the courses that interest you.  To earn the certificate, you must complete all 4 courses.(For students already enrolled in the certificate program, please contact CCS at for information on completing the coursework.)
  • Core Courses (all required for the certificate):
  • Materials, Methods, and Systems of Construction and Blueprint Reading
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Construction Change Orders and Claims/Contract Law
  • Construction Project Management, Specifications and Contracts
  • OSHA 30 for Construction (optional)


Construction Change Orders and Claims / Contract Law

In today’s hectic design and construction process and with unforeseen conditions, it is rare to find projects that do not require “change to contracts” or change orders. This course discusses the means and methods of preparing change orders, scopes, pricing of work, and methods of negotiation. Impacts of Change Orders on the Project Schedule/Completion will be reviewed. The avoidance of claims, preparation of claims, and their resolution are also discussed.

Discuss public and private bidding procedures, offers, counteroffers, acceptance, contract terms, negotiation, and execution of written contracts. Examine construction contracts, letters of credit, letters of intent, bonds and disputes, change orders, amendments, and common pitfalls. UCC provisions, remedies, breeches and resolutions will also be discussed.

NCABT-CS023-01/ cost: $480

Dates Mar 23-Apr 15          Time 6:30-9:30pm

Sessions 8                             Instructor Joseph Scillieri, P.E

Day TU, TH                          NOTES  



Construction Contract Law

Running in conjunction with NCABT-CS023-01. Created for students needing law portion of the class.

NCABT CS1026 01

Dates:   Apr15 - Apr 22            Time   6:30-9:30 pm

Sessions 8                             Instructor   Joseph Scillieri, P.E

Day TU, TH                          NOTES  Zoom


Project Management, Specifications and Contracts

Project Management is the application of system controls to construction operations, whether the project is a residential development, a commercial building, or large industrial complex. An overview of the management process from design through occupancy as well as the administration, legal and practical aspects of managing construction projects will be reviewed in an open forum.

It is important to develop and implement proper and clearly understand Contracts, Scopes of Work, and Contract Specifications. It is equally important for all those in the construction process to understand and properly interpret and abide by these documents. Types of Contracts, ‘Ready Made”, Contracts such as AIA, Contract Implementation, Contract Specifications, their preparation and interpretation will be covered. Classes will consist of a combination of lectures and open discussion of topics/situations/problems brought in by class members. Bringing in your challenges and problems for discussion participation is strongly encouraged.


NCABT-CS024-01  / cost: $900

Dates  May 25 – July 13                Time 6:30-9:30pm

Sessions 15                       Instructor   Joseph Scillieri, P.E

Day TU, TH                NOTES






These classes are for general contractors who are seeking to advance their careers and become New Jersey State Inspectors for local municipalities. The New Jersey State Department of Community Affairs (DCA) offers tuition reimbursement for qualified applicants. The information below lists the courses Mercer County Community College will offer this term. All course work within a particular discipline must be taken in the appropriate sequence (i.e. RCS, ICS, HHS). For a complete list of the courses offered statewide, see the DCA website at

 For hybrid courses that have an online component students must have a computer with speaker and microphone and Chrome browser and a valid email address.

 Please note: After successfully completing the required courses, contractors also need to pass National Exams. Students that need additional material and training for the national exams or having questions about requirements or textbooks should contact the DCA Licensing Unit 609-984-7820 or go to All UCC courses will use the current New Jersey Uniform Construction Code textbook. Students are responsible for purchasing the required books. 



Building Inspector HHS 

Prerequisite: Residential and Small Commercial Specialist (RCS), and Building Inspector (ICS)

This course covers the administrative, plan review and inspection requirements for sturctural, energy, accessibility, radon, mechanical and fire protection systems applicable to Class I structures. This is a hybrid course that meets for 15 sessions for a total of 60 hours, which includes a mandatory field trip and has additional inline work as well. Textbooks: 2019 International Building Code, 2018 International Mechanical Code, and the 2018 International Fuel Gas Code.


NCUCC-CS007-01 / 6.0 CEU / cost: $660

Dates  Apr 6- May 25              Time 5:30-9:30pm

Sessions  15                            Instructor  James Strang

Day  TU, TH                         NOTES

Subcode Official- REMOTE

 This course prepares inspectors for the administrative license of Subcode Official. Subcode administration, legal aspects of code enforcement, and related legislation are covered. Topics include procedures and forms for permit applications; stop construction orders; variations; notices of violation; emergencies; and record keeping. 

NCUCC-CS010-01/ 4.5 CEU / cost: $528 online

Dates  Jun 1 – Jul 1    Time  5:30-8:30pm

Sessions 15   Instructor James Strang

Day   TU, W, TH  NOTES

Construction Official- REMOTE

Prerequisite: Subcode Official class or license

This course acquaints inspectors and subcode officials with the role of the construction official. Includes instruction in such areas as: office organization, purpose and fundamentals of code enforcement, procedures for processing cases, search warrants and administrative hearings, records, maintenance, warrants, relocation, housing maintenance, and legal rights of landlords and tenants. Textbook: Current Uniform Construction Code 

NCUCC-CS006-01/ 4.5 CEU / cost: $528 online

Dates  Jul 13 – Aug 12     Time  5:30-8:30pm

Sessions 15 Instructor James Strang