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Small Business

Launching and Surviving a Small Business    (Remote)

This course covers what you need to know to succeed and what you need to do to avoid the common pitfalls in opening your own small business. Topics covered will include entrepreneurship, creating a startup vision, registering your business, business startup checklist, resources for startups, and common mistakes and how to avoid them.


NCBUS-CS069-01 / 1.2 CEU / cost: $160

Dates  Sep 22,24: Oct 6,8                  Time  6:00-9:00pm

Sessions     4        Instructor     Ed Andriessen

Day    TU, TH                   NOTES   No class Sep 29, Oct 1


Hiring the Right Employee for Your Small Business   (Remote)

The hiring process is never easy. With the numbers of qualified applicants looking for employment on the rise, finding the right candidate can be overwhelming. This course provides you with tools to not only hire the perfect employee, but grow them within the business as well. Some of the topics that will be covered are: critical hiring areas, creating a clear job description, and evaluating qualified candidates. Employee termination process and legal considerations will also be discussed.


NCBUS-CS078-01 / 0.6 CEU / cost: $160

Dates  Sep 29 - Oct 1                 Time 6:00-9:00pm

Sessions     2        Instructor      Ed Andriessen

Day    TU, TH                    NOTES


Overcoming the Fear of Social Media Marketing    (Remote)

Anyone who has owned their own small business over the past few years has witnessed amazing changes taking place in marketing through social media. This course introduces you to the various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, as well as how to create promotional content and blogging for business.


NCMKT-CS005-01 / 0.9 CEU / cost: $120

Dates  Oct 7 – Oct 21                  Time 6:00-9:00pm

Sessions     3        Instructor     Ed Andriessen

Day    W       NOTES        


Leveraging Google for your Small Business   (Remote)

Google is a big supporter of small to medium size businesses. To “level the playing field” between large and small companies, Google has developed a suite of tools to help small businesses market their business effectively and at a very low (to no) cost. This course introduces you why Google is important for local business, how the search engine works, Google Analytics, Adwords, GSuite, Google My Business, webmaster tools, and more.


NCMKT-CS006-01 / 1.2 CEU / cost: $120

Dates Oct 27 – Nov 5                   Time  6:00-9:00pm

Sessions     4        Instructor     Ed Andriessen

Day    TU, TH         NOTES        


Introduction to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (Remote)

This course focuses on the foundation skills of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming). NLP is a popular self-development methodology that studies behavioral patterns created by language. This course explores the specific tools and processes for improved communication and personal transformation using techniques from the field of Neuro-linguistic Programming. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Increase observations to notice more unconscious communication.
  • Clarify communication strengths and developmental needs
  • Create resourceful states and resolve emotional challenges more quickly
  • Clarify real goals and create a workable path to goal attainment
  • Discover new ways to positively handle situations and experiences that were frustrating


NCCOM-CS048-01   / .08 CEU /    cost: $120

Dates Nov 10 – Nov 19          Time  6:00-9:00pm

Sessions   4                   Instructor Ed Andriessen

Day TU, TH               NOTES

How to Communicate with Diplomacy, Tact, and Credibility (Remote)

Learn how to choose and use the most appropriate words and emotional tone for every business interaction. You will gain insights into your communication style and the styles of others while building skills to clearly and effectively receive and transmit information, ideas, thoughts, feelings, and needs. 


NCBUS-CS064-01 / 1.5 CEU / cost: $280

Dates   Oct 15-Nov 12                  Time 6:30-9:30pm

Sessions     5        Instructor     Jim O’Donnell

Day    TH      NOTES 


Strategies for Developing Effective Presentation Skills  (Remote)

Unstable economic times can mean fast and frequently unexpected organizational changes, greater responsibilities and new projects and initiatives. Being a confident, polished speaker is not only necessary but also well advised in order to communicate such matters effectively and persuasively. This five-session seminar offers presentation tips and strategies to help you develop your presentation skills and learn how to present your ideas with conviction, control, and poise—and without fear. Through in-class practice, you will gain the specific presentation skills and direction you need to become comfortable with your own style while receiving expert advice on how to handle especially challenging situations.


NCBUS-CS065-01 / 1.5 CEU / cost: $280

Dates Nov 16-Dec 14                  Time 6:30-9:30pm

Sessions     5        Instructor     Jim O’Donnell

Day    M      NOTES


Introduction to Bookkeeping  (Remote)

This basic, hands-on, workshop-style manual bookkeeping course covers the complete accounting cycle from business transactions through entry into the books and records. Posting to accounts, preparation of worksheets and financial statements, adjusting journal entries, and closing are also discussed. Introduction to Bookkeeping will prepare you for any accounting or bookkeeping system: manual, one-write, or software driven. Topics include the sales and purchase journals; cash receipts and cash disbursements journal; accounts receivable; inventory; and the use of Excel spreadsheets. Textbook is required and available in college bookstore. 


NCACC-CS002- 01 / 4.2 CEU / cost: $410

Dates    Sep 28 -Nov 11                    Time 6:30-9:30pm

Sessions     14      Instructor     Surendra Jakhar

Day    M, W          NOTES        


Advanced Bookkeeping  (Remote)

Prerequisite: Introduction to Bookkeeping or equivalent experience

Advanced Bookkeeping revisits topics covered in Introduction to Bookkeeping while focusing on basic concepts and standards underlying financial accounting systems. Several important concepts will be studied in detail including: accruals, journal entries, allowances for doubtful debts, adjusting entries, revenue recognition, inventory, fixed assets, depreciation, liabilities, income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement – as well as their interpretation. Full-charge bookkeeping will be discussed to help prepare for Certification in Bookkeeping. Requires the same book used in Introduction to Bookkeeping, and is available in the college bookstore.


NCACC-CS010-01 / 6.0 CEU / cost: $580

Dates Oct 3 - Dec 19                 Time 9:00am-3:30pm

Sessions     10      Instructor Surendra         Jakhar

Day    SA      NOTES    ½ hour lunch, No class Oct 31, Nov 28


Project Management Professional Certification® Prep and Review     

The Project Management Institute’s PMP® credential is a leading industry-recognized certification for project managers. The PMI credential following your name tells current and potential employers that you have a solid foundation of project management knowledge that can be readily applied in the workplace.

 Benefit from the professional advantages derived from attaining the Project Management Professional (PMP) status if you are a:

  • Project manager, team leader, project coordinator
  • Team member seeking to learn the PMBOK® framework
  • Person looking to increase project management knowledge

This 40-hour course is designed to help you prepare for the PMP® exam while gaining the most understanding of project management with the least amount of study. Textbook is required and available in the college bookstore.


NCBUS- CS080-01 / 4.0 CEU / cost: $1,082 

Dates  Sep 14 – Nov 4               Time 6:30-9:00pm

Sessions     16      Instructor     Sandeep Jasra

Day    M, W           NOTES        


For more information on certifications, consult the Project Management website at: 



Certification Preparation Course - Applies to the following certifications: SHRM CP (Certified Professional) and SHRM SCP (Senior Certified Professional) 

The Center for Continuing Studies at Mercer and the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) offer a comprehensive review of the major disciplines within the field of human resources in this certification prep course. Utilizing the SHRM Body of Competency and Knowledge, the course is designed to give human resource professionals new tools for successful performance on the job while helping to prepare them for the national examinations. Human resource professionals seeking advancement in their career should strongly consider taking this course to prepare for higher-level certification. Prior to taking this course, it is important to review the SHRM CP and SHRM SCP eligibility requirements on the SHRM website: 


Special discount for local SHRM chapter members of the Human Resource Management Association of Princeton. For information on becoming a chapter member, see the HRMA chapter website at


NCBUS-CS007-01 / 3.9 CEU / cost: $1,420
NCBUS-CS007-02 / 3.9 CEU / cost $1,370*
*Special discount for local SHRM chapter members of the Human Resource Management Association of Princeton. For information on becoming a chapter member, see the HRMA chapter website at

Dates   Sept 12 - Dec 19               Time 9:30am-12:30pm

Sessions     14      Instructor     Various

Day    SA       NOTES   No class Nov. 28