Building Construction Technology
Building Construction Technology
Certificate of Proficiency
B-STEM Division
Business, Science, Technology, Engineering and Math


The certificate program in Building Construction Technology is an opportunity for those working in the varied fields of construction, or construction documentation, to update their knowledge and skills in building construction operations, management, or construction office administration.

Students may study full-time or part-time. Admission to the program requires a high school diploma or its equivalent with one year of algebra.

  • Understand drafting and design standards used in the building construction industry;
  • Demonstrate knowledge of materials and methods of construction;
  • Identify established surveying procedures to layout projects in accordance with construction document drawings and site information.
2020-2021 Academic Year
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CIP 150101
Credit-bearing certificate programs can serve as gateways to earning an associate degree. Students are encouraged to consult the program coordinator, an academic advisor or Success Coach to explore such opportunities.
Code Course (lecture/lab hours) Credits
BCT 101 Construction Graphics (2/2) 3
BCT 110 Building Construction Materials and Methods I (3/0) 3
BCT 112 Building Construction Materials and Methods II (3/0) 3
CIV 101 Surveying I (2/3) 3
DRA 191 Introduction to Building Information Modeling (1/2) 2
ENG 101 English Composition I (3/0) 3
MAT  — Mathematics elective
  • Select in consultation with an academic advisor.
  —    — Technical electives
  • In consultation with an academic advisor, select from BCT 104, 112, 232, 234, 236; CIV 102; DRA 190.
  —    — Elective 3