MCCC Baseall Team Plays in the "Land of Hope and Dreams"


Last month, seventeen players from the MCCC Baseball team took to the field for a great cause as they volunteered on a Tuesday night to help with two games at the Miracle League of Mercer County.  The Miracle League offers fully inclusive baseball programs to individuals with special needs.


In Miracle League games, players are provided with a buddy or “Angel in the Outfield” to assist them in the field, around the bases and at the plate.  The Mercer baseball players helped support the athletes in any way possible, whether that was as “Angels in the Outfield”, helping push the athletes to a base or ball or helping them swing a bat or just provide encouragement to the players throughout the game.


The games were played at the Miracle Field in Hamilton, NJ.  The Miracle Field is the first ADA accessible ball field of its kind in New Jersey, featuring bases painted on the turf, creating a barrier free surface.  Miracle League games are two full innings, with no score and each team batting around. 


The outing was extra special for the Vikings baseball team as one of the athletes on the Miracle League’s team was Evalyn Carella, daughter of Fred Carella, former MCCC Baseball Coach and Coordinator of Academic Services and Compliance for the MCCC Athletic Department.  Evalyn experiences CVI or Cortical Visual Impairment which can cause visual field issues.


Head Baseball Coach Russ Stupienski discussed just how positive an experience the outing was not just for the Miracle League athletes, but for his players too.  “We have taken some players the last four-five years.  This was our first time going this year.  It’s always a great experience to be around the Miracle League players and help out.  I know their players get excited to see our guys, but our guys are just as excited to be over there and help out.”


 If you visit the Miracle League of Mercer County website, the home page shows the field with the words “Meet Me in a Land of Hopes and Dreams.”  It sounds like both the MCCC baseball team and Miracle League athletes had a night filled of hope and dreams and an experience neither the team nor athletes will forget.







  17 members of the MCCC baseball volunteered at The Miracle League


 Jake Knapp helping a Miracle League athlete bat


Eddison Ramos (left) assisting a Miracle League athlete in the field.  Jake Cheeseman (right) with Evalyn Carella in the field.



  Don Gallagher helping a Miracle League athlete in the field


  Slade Harrill with a Miracle League athlete


 Josh Youngberg helping a Miracle League athlete in the field