MCCC Women's Soccer: A Home Away From Home



Mercer women’s soccer entered the 2023 season with a lot of uncertainty.  The Vikings only had three returning players from the 2022 15-1 team and had a first year Head Coach in Ron Stinson. 


The uncertainty of 13 new players and a new coach quickly changed as the team continued to bond and gel even with a very diverse group of players.


The Vikings women’s soccer this season is split between international and local players.  The Vikings have eight players from local high schools and eight players from international countries.


On the international side, the Vikings have three players from Germany: Sarah Kircher (Celle), Laura Kucharz (Singen) and Annika Maringer (Asperg) and three players from Brazil: Victoria Minutentag (Sao Paulo), Luana Nascimento (Cariacica) and Maria Olindino (Vitoria).  Fiona Madigan is from Dublin, Ireland and Celina Oliveira is from Villa Praia de Ancara, Portugal.


On the local side, there are three players from Steinert on the women’s soccer team: Carley Krajcsovics, Vivian Kestler and Victoria Woodruff.  The five other local players each attended a different high school: Liz Kelley went to West Windsor South, Sierra Mitchell went to Ewing HS, Samia Quizpi went to Nottingham, Hannah Worrell went to Florence Twp. Memorial HS and Natalia Villanueva went to Bordentown Regional.


The Vikings got off to a slow start offensively this season, but their strong defensive play has kept MCCC in every game this season.  Eventually the offense found its groove and the team continued to grow and improve.  Head Coach Stinson noted how quickly the team came together and how hard the team worked.  “It’s really a great group of players to coach.  They all support each other.  It's been a family style atmosphere since preseason."


In discussing how the team has come together, Brazilian teammates Minutenag and Nascimento had the same response "soccer."  Nascimento added, "You don't need to speak the same language or be from the same country to play soccer together.  Soccer is how we all came together and our friendship and bond has grown from there."  Florence Twp. Memorial grad Worrell credits all the work done in preseason to why the team is so close.  "Preseason is where it all started.  We spent a lot of time together and that helped us all become close."  Alex Petrullo, a Steinert grad discussed how the personalities of each player helped them form friendships.  "I think our personalities is what helps us come together.  We have some players who are loud and outgoing and they end up helping the more quiet and reserved players and it just grows from there."  


Whether it's preseason or personality or a little of both that has brought the team together or simply the game of soccer itself, the bond has been strong and led the Vikings to a great second half of the season.  The Vikings hope their season and bonding can continue as they host Essex in the Region 19 Soccer Championship, Saturday, October 28th at 3:00 PM.





Victoria Minutenag and Luana Nascimento are from Brazil



Celina Oliveira is from Portugal


Fiona Madigan is from Ireland


Sarah Kircher, Annika Maringer and Laura Kucharz are from Germany


Carley Krajcsovics and Alex Petrullo are Steinert Grads


Liz Kelley is from West Windsor



Hannah Worrell is from Florence