MCCC Men's Soccer: Bringing the World Together



If you watch MCCC men’s soccer play or practice this year, you may hear several languages being spoken.  Having international players on the Vikings men’s soccer team is not new.  But having players from so many different countries is different from past teams as this year’s squad features players from 13 countries.  The team this season is composed of players from Brazil, Ecuador, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mali, Mexico, Poland, Scotland (UK), South Africa, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and the United States.


One thing that remains the same every year for the Vikings is that the diversity of the team only brings the team closer together.  Regardless of their language or home country, that is all put aside on the soccer field.  Just as the Vikings have to adapt to their opponents, they adapt to their teammates.  Speaking the same language is not necessary to find a teammate for a pass or to guide them on defense.


The coaching staff of the Vikings also reflects this diversity.  Head Coach Widmarc Dalce is from Haiti.  Assistant Coach Kamal Eletrebri is from Egypt and Matheus Martins in from Brazil.  Volunteer Assistant Coach John Pietrowski is the lone American on the coaching staff.  Team Manager and former player Eial Mazouk is from Israel.


Martins explained how unique it is playing soccer at MCCC because of how diverse the team is.  “It is part of the team culture here. When I played at Mercer, it was the same.  We had players from Brazil, Japan, Egypt, Italy, the Ukraine and other nationalities. Being able to speak Portuguese, Spanish and English helps me a lot, however, the coaches and I always highlight that we are one team, one family and everyone must have the same goal. We are happy that the program allows us coaches to recruit international players, and we try to bring the best from all over the world. It does not matter where you come from, your skin color, your religion or anything, we are just here to give an opportunity for this group of players to use their skills to go very far, and for that to be possible, they need to bond as a team, and so far, this team have been doing it very well.”


The Vikings will look for the strong bonding and team play to continue when they host Essex in the Region 19 Semifinals on October 28th at 10:00 AM.











Japanese teammates Kida Yamaguchi and Naoya Obata 



Brazilian teammates Joao Laurenco, Joao Delgado and Felipe Nazario


Diego Orquiz is from Mexico and Anthony Fajarda is from Ecuador


Torin Mehta is from Scotland


Marcin Gniadzik is from Poland


Teddy Nkamanyi is one of three players from Germany



Dillon Du Toit is one of three players from South Africa


 American player Bryan Kmiec



Elias Ruano in a jersey from Spain