Celebrating Women's Entrepreneur's Day with MCCC Athletics



November 19th is Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, recognizing women in business.  The day honors female entrepreneurs and celebrates their contributions to the community.  In honor of this day, MCCC Athletics is highlighting some of our women student athletes who are studying business as well as the program options Mercer has for students interested in Business.


Students at MCCC can major in Business Administration with a concentration in Sports Management.  Sophomore Maya Patel (Burlington, NJ/Burlington Township) and freshman Natalie Santiago (Ewing, NJ/Ewing HS) on the softball team are both studying Sports Management.  Santiago wants to be a Sports Agent.  Women’s soccer player Laura Kucharz (Singen, Germany/Freidrich Wohler Gymnasium) is also studying Business Administration/Sports Management.  Women’s freshman tennis player Lecia Kitio (Newark, NJ/Lawrence HS) is also focusing on Sports Management and like Santiago wants to be a Sports Agent.


Students in the Sports Management concentration focus on a number of areas including accounting, management, marketing, economics and computer applications.  The Sports Management major focuses on societal issues involved in sports management and on knowledge of legal issues and sports marketing.


Another concentration with Business Administration is Global Studies.  Freshman women’s soccer goalie Celina Oliveira (Villa Praia de Ancura, Portugal/Escola Basica e Secoudario Do Valle Do Ancura) is a Global Studies concentration.  Freshmen women’s tennis players Diana Kalajdzic (East Windsor, NJ/Hightstown HS) and Andrea Vasquez (San Felipe, Venezuela/Hightstown HS) are both Business Administration/Global Studies majors.  Kalajdzic wants to be an entrepreneur and Vasquez wants to be a leader.


MCCC students who concentrate in Global Studies take general education requirements tailored toward international topics.  The Global Studies concentration allows students to prepare to further study international business.


There is also the option to major in Business Administration without a concentration, which is what sophomore women’s tennis player Valeria Vargas (Valencia, Venezuela/Instituto Santa Cruz) is doing.  Vargas wants to enter a career in business once she graduates.


Students studying Business Administration can enter careers in economics, finance, accounting, marketing, management, and human resources.


MCCC offers many options for students interested in Business.  It’s great to see some of our women student athletes taking advantage of the Business programs of study at Mercer.  Good luck to our future women enterpreneurs!


For more information on the Business programs MCCC has to offer, visit: https://www.mccc.edu/bus-admin/







Women's soccer player Laura Kucharz is a Sports Management major




Softball player Maya Patel is a Sports Management major



  Women's soccer player Celina Oliveira is a Global Studies major




Women's tennis player Valeria Vargas is a Business Administration major



Softball player Natalie Santiago is a Sports Management major



Leticia Kitio is studying Sports Management 



 Women's tennis player Diana Kalajdzic is a Business Admin/Global Studies major



Women's tennis player Andrea Vasquez is a Business Admin/Global Studies major