MCCC Athletic Fields' Turf Construction



Mercer’s athletic fields will be undergoing some changes with one of these changes starting last week.  The turf on the soccer and lacrosse field is being replaced and the softball field will change from dirt to turf.


Construction began last week on the turf soccer and lacrosse field.  The current turf is cut into pieces and removed.  Then the new turf can be installed.  Once the soccer and lacrosse field are finished, work on the softball field is expected to begin.


The project of completing the turf soccer and lacrosse field is expected to take about a month to complete.  The softball field turf is expected to take two to three months with the goal of having the field ready for the spring season in March.


A soccer field turf generally gets replaced every ten years. The MCCC turf field gets a lot of year round use between men’s and women’s soccer and lacrosse as well as outside rentals of the field.


Due to the unpredictable weather in the Northeast in the spring, a turf field will prevent fewer softball game cancellations.  A dirt field can take days to dry out after rain or snow whereas a turf field can dry out and be playable much quicker.  A turf field may also be available to rent for outside use, increasing its value.


As with any construction project, weather is a factor is how long completion will take.  Mercer student athletes are looking forward to the completion of both projects to get out onto their fields.









The old turf rolled into bales to be removed 



The old turf was cut into pieces before it was rolled up to be removed



 Early stages of removal of the turf



 A machine removes rolled up pieces of turf from the field