Spring Sports Season is Just Around the Corner




It may seem hard to believe but the spring sports season is just around the corner.  With Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction for a shortened winter on Groundhog Day on February 2nd and with National Weatherperson’s Day following on February 5th, MCCC Athletics is excited to look forward to warmer weather and spring sports.


MCCC men’s lacrosse will be playing in their first scrimmage on Saturday, February 10th at Holy Family University.  The Vikings first regular season game will be on March 2nd vs Hudson Valley CC on the newly resurfaced turf field.


MCCC baseball will scrimmage Stockton University on February 17th.  The Vikings will open their season with doubleheaders on February 24th vs UConn Avery Point and on February 25th vs Suffolk CCC.


MCCC softball will open their season in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina March 14th-19th.  The Vikings then host three straight doubleheaders on March 21st-23rd vs Orange CCC, Suffolk CCC, and RCSJ-Cumberland on the newly completed turf field.


MCCC women’s tennis will open their 2024 season on March 19th vs Harford CC at Mercer County Park.  The Vikings also have an early season match vs Baruch College at the Billie Jean National Tennis Center on March 24th in New York City. 


Vikings’ men’s tennis will begin their spring season on March 22nd at RCSJ Gloucester.  The men’s tennis home opener will be on April 2nd vs Brookdale at Mercer County Park.


And in the event the weather doesn’t change to spring quite as quickly as Phil predicted, there are still four more regular season men’s basketball games remaining with the chance to qualify for the Region 19 Playoffs that will be indoors regardless of the weather outside!  The Vikings final regular season home game will be on Saturday, February 17th vs Lackawanna.


MCCC Athletics is looking forward to a busy spring and hopes the early spring predictions hold up so our Viking teams can take the courts and fields soon!


For the latest on Vikings baseball, visit: https://www.mccc.edu/athletics_men_baseball.shtml


Visit, for the latest on Vikings’ men’s lacrosse: https://www.mccc.edu/athletics_men_lacrosse.shtml


For the latest on MCCC softball, visit: https://www.mccc.edu/athletics_women_softball.shtml


Visit, for the latest info on Vikings’ women’s tennis: https://www.mccc.edu/athletics/schedule_women_tennis_sp24.html


Check out the following link for the latest on Vikings’ men’s tennis: https://www.mccc.edu/athletics_men_tennis.shtml


For the latest information on MCCC men’s basketball, visit: https://www.mccc.edu/athletics_men_basketball.shtml




MCCC baseball will open the 2024 season on February 24th




Vikings men's lacrosse home opener is on March 2nd



MCCC softball begins home play on March 21st



 MCCC women's tennis opens the 2024 season on March 19th



Vikings men's tennis season opener is on March 22nd