Celebrating National STEAM Day with MCCC Student Athletes



National STEAM Day falls on November 8th.  This is a day encouraging Science, Technology, Art, Engineering and Mathematics. Many of Mercer’s athletes are STEAM majors so we will take a look at some of these athletes pursuing STEAM majors and the many program options MCCC has to offer.


In the Science field, there are several Biology majors.  On the women’s soccer team freshman Vivian Kestler (Hamilton, NJ/Steinert) and sophomore Victoria Woodruff (Hamilton, NJ/Steinert) are Biology majors. Freshman Jayson Love (Philadelphia, PA/Academy at Palumbo) from men’s basketball, sophomore men’s tennis player Jack Wolfarth (Ewing, NJ/Ewing HS) and freshman women’s tennis player Makenna Swasey (Hamilton, NJ/Steinert) are all Biology majors.  Wolfarth wants to become a Physical Therapist and Swasey is interested in becoming a Marine Biologist.


Students majoring in Biology at MCCC can earn their AS in Liberal Arts and Sciences.  The Biology program at MCCC prepares students for careers in biology, biotechnology, conservation, ecology, entomology, forestry, genetics, pharmacy and pre-professional medical careers.


Sophomore softball player Cierra Acevedo (Hamilton, NJ/Hamilton West) and freshman men’s basketball player Calvin Moore (Trenton, NJ/Trenton Central) are both Health Science majors.  Health Science is a meta major at MCCC that serves as a pathway for students interested in a career in Allied Health.  Pathways from Health Science can include Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physician’s Assistant, Nuclear Medicine, Radiography, Radiation Therapy, Respiratory Therapy, Medical Administration and Medical Technology.


Exercise Science is always a popular major among student athletes.  Women’s soccer players Fiona Madigan (Dublin, Ireland/Fingal Community College), Samia Quizphi (Hamilton, NJ/Nottingham) and Hannah Worrell (Florence, NJ/Florence Twp. Memorial) are all Exercise Science majors.  Worrell is considering becoming an Athletic Trainer.


Several men’s soccer players are also Exercise Science majors: freshmen Noah Bauer (Neunkichen, Germany/Gymnasium am Kresberg), Kaleb Christmas (Canaan, Trinidad and Tobago/Signal Hill School), Joao Delgado (Sao Paulo, Brazil/Dr. Alfredo Cardoso), Max Furrer (Freiburg, Germany/Marie-Curie Gymnasium), Marcin Gniadzik (Piensik, Poland/Braci Sniadekich) and Elias Ruano (Telde, Spain/Juan Pulido Castro).


Mercer offers an AS in Exercise Science.  Students studying Exercise Science can pursue careers in coaching, education, research, exercise physiology, health promotion and management, and personal training.


Nursing is another Science major offered at MCCC that freshman women’s soccer Carley Krajcsovics (Hamilton, NJ/Steinert) is pursuing.  Krajcsovics became interested in Nursing as she recovered from a torn ACL while in high school.


Freshman softball player Arianna Acevedo (Hamilton, NJ/Hamilton West) is also a Nursing major.  Upon completion of the AS Nursing program at MCCC (and passing the NCLEX-RN Exam), students can become registered nurses.  The Nursing program at MCCC combines general education with clinical experiences in healthcare facilities.


Freshman softball player Emily Wyzykowski (Westampton, NJ/Rancocas Valley) is a Radiography major who wants to be a Radiation Therapist.  Students at MCCC can earn an AAS in Radiography and are eligible to become nationally certified and licensed by the State of New Jersey.  Graduates of the Radiography program can work in hospitals, clinics, diagnostic imaging centers or private physician’s offices.


There are a number of Technology majors among MCCC student athletes.  Men’s basketball players sophomore Izaiah Johnson (Burlington, NJ/Burlington City) and freshman Kazi Fontaine (Brown Mills) are Cybersecurity majors.  Sophomore men’s lacrosse player Izzy Miranda (Tampa, FL/Tampa Catholic) is also a Cybersecurity major.  Cybersecurity is a Concentration within Information Technology.  Students in this concentration can enter jobs that protect computer systems and networks against cyber threats and intrusion by hackers.


Freshman women’s soccer player Annika Maringer (Asperg, Germany/IB Gymnasium), sophomore baseball player Jake Cheeseman (Delran, NJ/The King’s Christian School) and freshman men’s soccer player Alou Gamby (Lansdale, PA/North Penn) are Computer Science majors. Freshman softball player Angelina Guida (Monroe, NJ/Monroe Twp.) is an Information Systems major. Computer Science and Information Systems majors can enter careers as business application programmers, business process specialists, database administrators, information systems analyst, network engineer or system sales associate.


Two men’s basketball sophomores are Engineering Science majors: Isham McClain (Pemberton, NJ/Pemberton HS) and Khristian Smith (Hamilton, NJ/Nottingham).  McClain is interested in becoming an Automotive Engineer and Smith would like to be a Mechanical Engineer.  Mercer offers both an AS in Engineering Science as well as a certificate program in the field.  Engineering Science emphasizes math, physics, chemistry, technology along with design and lab study.


Sophomore baseball player Tyler Gonzalez (East Harford, CT/Cheshire Academy) and freshman men’s soccer player Bastian Stunk (Weingarten, Germany/Albert Einstein Ravensburg) are Aviation majors, which combines science, technology and engineering.  At MCCC, students can earn their AAS in Aviation Flight Technology.  Flight training is done at the Trenton Mercer Airport and flight tests can be done for private and commercial pilot licenses.


Freshmen women’s soccer players Sierra Mitchell (Ewing, NJ/Ewing HS), Natalia Rivera (Trenton, NJ/Bordentown Regional) and Maria Olindino (Vitoria, Brazil/Complexo Educacional Do Cariri) and men’s soccer player Lesedi Hlabeli (Guateng, South Africa/Redford House Blue Hills) are Architecture majors, a field that combines engineering, math, and art.  The Architecture program at MCCC includes architectural graphics, model building and three-dimensional design study.


MCCC student athletes are taking advantage of the many different STEAM majors that Mercer has to offer, which we are recognizing for National STEAM Day this week.


To learn more about STEAM majors and the many academic programs MCCC has to offer, visit https://www.mccc.edu/programs_degree.shtml#1




Women's soccer player Sierra Mitchell is an Architecture major



Softball player Cierra Acevedo is a Health Science major



  Men's basketball player Isham McClain is an Engineering Science major


Baseball player Tyler Gonzalez is an Aviation major


  Men's soccer player Alou Gamby is a Computer Science major


Men's tennis player Jack Wolfarth is a Biology major


  Women's soccer player Carley Kracsojvics is a Nursing major


  Women's tennis player Makenna Swasey is a Biology major


  Softball player Emily Wyzykowski is a Radiography major


  Men's lacrosse player Izzy Miranda is a Cybersecurity major



Women's soccer player Hannah Worrell is an Exercise Science major